Laws for Gun-Friendly AZ

Everyone thinks that Texas has to have good gun laws and a lot of people are surprised when it’s neighbor, Arizona can definitely keep up with those laws!

Love this:
Anyone at least 21 years old who can legally possess a firearm may conceal carry a firearm without a permit. Arizona Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP) are issued to both residents and non-residents though.


This is the most likely state we would move to, it’s such a nice state. We have quite a bit of family and friends who have moved there. I’d like to move to Sedona/Flagstaff.

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@Dawn @KenM Oddly enough, I just received my non resident CCW permit from AZ. I mailed the application from Massachusetts on 8 March and received the permit today.

Applying for a Massachusetts LTC as a resident can take at least 60 or more days from the date you submit your application to when you receive it!


AZ is an easy application for a non resident permit, once you’ve already obtained an currently have a valid CCW. I have the packets for myself and my wife, just need to get around to filling them out and submitted.

It’s actually faster than a renewal in Massachusetts.


I moved to AZ from WI 3 years ago and went through a certification class even though I had a legal CCW permit in WI. Learning how the laws differ here was valuable. A CCW permit in AZ allows a permit holder to: carry inside a business that serves alcohol (although the permit holder may not drink) and carry on school grounds for the purposes of picking up a child from school (entry into the school with a firearm is still prohibited).

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AZ is awesome, just a NICS check and you can get pistol/rifle within 30 minutes.

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I would avoid Tucson. It would be a poster city for gun control were it not for the fact that the state of Arizona does not allow cities to impose gun laws more restrictive than state law. This has been challenged in court more than once by Tucson and so far they are batting 0.000. Basically a blue island in a red state.

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Danny10… Love the analogy of a blue island in a red state, Tucson is that. I have found the attitude towards guns in AZ more responsible that say…Texas. Classes are easy to locate and reasonable in price, ranges are also available all over, and pre Democrats you could easily find Ammo.

It’s a pretty good state all in all

and carry on school grounds for the purposes of picking up a child from school

Are you certain of that? I don’t believe that’s the case. There was just a bill to allow storage of loaded firearms in your car so you didn’t have to stop outside of school grounds and unload. But I don’t think it went anywhere.