Laws for Gun-Friendly AZ


Everyone thinks that Texas has to have good gun laws and a lot of people are surprised when it’s neighbor, Arizona can definitely keep up with those laws!

Love this:
Anyone at least 21 years old who can legally possess a firearm may conceal carry a firearm without a permit. Arizona Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP) are issued to both residents and non-residents though.


This is the most likely state we would move to, it’s such a nice state. We have quite a bit of family and friends who have moved there. I’d like to move to Sedona/Flagstaff.

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@Dawn @KenM Oddly enough, I just received my non resident CCW permit from AZ. I mailed the application from Massachusetts on 8 March and received the permit today.

Applying for a Massachusetts LTC as a resident can take at least 60 or more days from the date you submit your application to when you receive it!


AZ is an easy application for a non resident permit, once you’ve already obtained an currently have a valid CCW. I have the packets for myself and my wife, just need to get around to filling them out and submitted.


It’s actually faster than a renewal in Massachusetts.


I moved to AZ from WI 3 years ago and went through a certification class even though I had a legal CCW permit in WI. Learning how the laws differ here was valuable. A CCW permit in AZ allows a permit holder to: carry inside a business that serves alcohol (although the permit holder may not drink) and carry on school grounds for the purposes of picking up a child from school (entry into the school with a firearm is still prohibited).

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