Reciprocity Map & Laws

Okay, I am aware that if another state is a green state than you are good to Conceal Carry in the state.
if the state is colored red than you are not allowed to carry conceal in that state but,
if it is yellow then it is a maybe? If you are over 21 in states that have restrictive reciprocity?

Some states require you to show competency to receive a CCP and some do not. Like Oregon requires to show competency but then Washington State does not so I see Oregon not excepting a Washingtons Permit but why does Washington not except their permit?

Then there is Constitutional carry states, if I come from another state into a CC state am I actually able to carry concealed? Just asking to get all this clarified because the details do matter!!


Some states I’m absolutely sure I have or do not have reciprocity in. It’s those states I’m not sure about, I look em up specifically for details.

However, I was fortunate enough to have been able to afford additional state CCW CCL permits from, so it’s easier for me than the “Average Jo”.



States that are yellow have restrictions and your target state typically requires you to have a resident licence in the state that you reside. Devil’s in the details. When you select the state that you are traveling to, your home state restriction will be indicated when you scroll to your home state in that list.

Hope this helps

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I am just trying to come to grips with the yellow states. Can I or can’t I carry?

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@Todd30 Sorry to say, but your question cannot be answered by looking only at the map. You have to go to the details pages for the states you need to research and read what that page says. This applies whether you are using the USCCA Reciprocity Map or

On either site, first click on your own state to see the reciprocity for your CCW/CHCL. But then you have to go to the page for the state you plan to visit to read their laws on who can carry (e.g. 18 or 21?), where you cannot carry even with a permit, whether informing LEOs is mandatory, whether you can carry where alcohol is served, whether no guns signs have force of law or are simply a business policy, etc. Also, there are several states that only recognize permits from other states for residences of that state, that is, the state on your drivers license must match the state on your carry license for it to be valid there.
Even if you are visiting one of the 20+ Constitutional Carry states you need to know their carry laws as described above. Plus, one state, North Dakota, is only Constitutional Carry for ND residents, not if you are visiting from another state.
Good luck, and enjoy your travels.


Typically yes, but you have to check the restriction statement for each state. What would be a state that you’d like to travel to?

Actually, I am starting from Washington state going to Montana the dropping down through Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, to Texas.

Working with WA as home base in the reciprocity map … MT is allowed, WY, UT and AZ are permitless carry; 21 and older; NM- not allowed and TX is permitless carry- 21 and older.

It looks like you’ll have to drive through NM relying on Federal guidelines.

Short of reading up on the permitless carry states it appears there is an age restriction.

@Craig_AR can refute me or back me up as he’s well versed.

Whenever I travel I build an Excel file with a line for each state summarizing critical info to ensure safe passage. Every time I travel, I review and update each state on my route in the list.

Hope this helps


Unfortunately you have to read the details State by State.

I’m pretty sure you are good to go for most of the normal situations in AZ though it would be wise to read the details before carrying here to make sure you are aware of any differences between your usual requirement.

There are conflicts in AZ law regarding carry in an unposted establishment that serves alcohol. They passed a new law saying you don’t need a carry license but never amended the old law that says you do need one to carry in these establishments. Either way you can’t drink alcohol while carrying.

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@Shamrock @Paul008 I am not going to be bar hopping anywhere but, it has been interesting trying to figure out where I can go safely. Another thing is looking for a place to move to so I can be able to be an instructor once again.


Most food establishments around here in Northern AZ serve alcohol and many of them fortunately don’t have no firearm signs posted. It is nice to not have to disarm when you go out for a bite to eat.

Unfortunately housing prices in my area are insane right now. There might be some affordable pockets elsewhere in AZ maybe around Kingman or Tucson.

Good luck with your search for a new home!


I like the Kingman location.

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I’ve passed through Kingman more times than I can count on my way to and from job sites but have only spent a couple of brief days there so don’t have a good feel for what the community is like.

It can get a little dusty when the winds blow but there is a lot of interesting country to explore around there. I’ve been in AZ for over a decade now and feel there are still a life time worth of interesting locations I haven’t gotten to yet.

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Wherever you plant you feet I’m sure it’ll be less restrictive than living in any Pacific coast state. I’ve only visited out in some of where you’ll be travelling through and can’t speak to living there.

Using the reprocicity map is a good baseline to gauge what the political environment is in each state you are considering. At this point in my life if I were to make a move, I’d be doing the same thing. Best wishes in your search!


When you click on the state for which you are checking reciprocity, and anything you are interested in is yellow, simply scroll down to the restricted reciprocity section and check the (check here) next to each of those states, it will tell you. As indicated above, it’s generally either a simple 21+ or a requirement that the permit be a resident permit to be recognized (if you are checking your home state’s permit reciprocity and are 21+, you will almost always be able to carry in the yellow states)

Why do some states not recognized other states permits? Because they are jerks is more often than not the answer. JMO. But really it gets into politics and “I won’t take yours unless you take mine” in addition to “you don’t require training that’s too much Liberty we can’t handle it” or “we dont’ like your kind around here”…or whatever. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason.

Constitutional Carry would prevent all this, of course…

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