Real news on virus

There is nothing to do, no place to eat and no bars are open, the only thing to do is study to get a promotion at my job, and who is that good for? No one.

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Well it looks like I will be getting back into 4 plus hours a day of playing World of Warcraft. Look out Azeroth, The ROGUE is back!


the Government is impacting the quality of my life by closing restaurants and bars to take out or delivery only, just over a virus. There is only one person who’s life that matters to me and that is the guy I am dating.

If I was single, or was forced to be dating any guy my age and or a white guy, I am 48 and the guy I am dating is 23, and the oldest I would consider dating is 26. I would be out in public as much as possible because I cannot stand my company, for a second. I would not worry about getting it even though I have severe allergies that I usually will not take the medication for unless I really cannot breathe, and it turned into a mild asthma too plus I smoke so I would likely have permanent complications from it. If I was not with who I am dating I would not care, especially since the only thing to do is my job from home if I actually do it, and not just sign into the system since I am a state employee and the state is who shut down anything enjoyable and not do any of the work, and study to be successful at a job for no reason at all unless it is for my boyfriend to make him happy. There is nothing fun, enjoyable or pleasurable about a job, and being successful is not attractive at all. With this job I could buy a really nice house, a really nice luxury car and take trips. If I was not with my boy, there is no reason or desire for any of those things. A dog is not company. He decided to be with me so that is good, and now is living with me, but he intends on actually doing his job instead of just signing in to his company and then the two of us do the only pleasurable thing to do when you are trapped in your house together. There is no one who is under 22 who would ever sacrifice the quality of life at all, so why should any of us?

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@Brian110, the idea of staying home and not going out to the range or a nice dinner or even spending time with my mom for a number of weeks isn’t one of my first choices, but the threat of this virus is real and I’ll do what I can to help protect my family and others.

The reason our numbers are lower is because it came to our country after China, we had some warning and are taking precautions.

There are plenty of things to do at home if you can’t go out. Learn to cook, cleaning and laundry (I have plenty of that to do), read about any subject (there’s a free library app and Kindle has free books to download too), clean your guns, dry fire and presentation from a holster drills, teach yourself how to do something (YouTube has plenty of videos), build/create something.

If you got it and continued to go out and interact with hundreds of people a day - many who are only running out for necessities - how many people would be infected because of you? They would take it home to their family and loved ones who were doing their part to stay home and help limit the spread of the virus. And how many elderly or immunocompromised people would suffer and possibly die as a result? (BTW, There have been a few cases of people in their 30s dying from this too. Just because it’s mainly the elderly who make up most of the fatalities doesn’t mean that won’t change if it spreads without us doing anything to try to stop it.)

Everyone is feeling the financial and emotional burden this is creating.

And everyone has to do their part. Is not going out to the bars and restaurants to help slow the spread of this virus too much to ask?


I cleaned all of my weapons already so that’s done. The only thing to do is do my job and study for a promotion to be successful at my job for absolutely no one and no reason. I have been awake for an hour and already cannot stand being in the house even though my boyfriend is here. The idiot governor of Illinois says to stay home and acts like people can do that. Tell me what guy under 20 would do that and not have constant pleasure? My boyfriend is going to continue to do his job and not just sign in to his job and do no work, like I have for the second day, now if we both just stayed in the bed together all day and did nothing job related it would be better. The main problem is I am being FORCED TO DO SOMETHING TO BE SUCCESSFUL FOR NO ONE.

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@Dawn Well said. Doing the right thing for society means sometimes putting our personal ‘wants’ aside.
Everyone is going to have to sacrifice a little bit of short term freedom for the better good. That’s what it means and that’s what it takes to be a part of a civilized society.
It’s clear from all the survival experts that maintaining a positive mental attitude is one of the key indicators of your likelihood to survive. I think that transcends beyond survival to just about every stressful situation. PMA is such a critical trait!


If there was anything worth doing that is fun or if my boy would just sign into his job but not do any work and we would just play, I wouldn’t be in a pissed off mood. Having nothing to do but have a successful career for no reason and for no one and not just having fun is stupid

Oh woe is me! We get it, you have a boyfriend, don’t like, or do your work for the state (part of the problem),
and only want to have fun (all about me), regardless of costs to others. Are you sure you aren’t 16 rather than 48?


That’s your choice, @Brian110. There are plenty of things to do and a lot of ways to have fun. You just have to choose to do them.


Please remember to take the high road. You don’t have to agree with anyone, but please take the high road. :slight_smile:


I do not enjoy any tv show, and I do not like the fact I will have money in the bank. If we cannot go out every night how can I have nothing in the bank. Also what teenager is ok with having to do anything unpleasant for tjemself

Well everyone is going bat crazy over this I haven’t changed my way of life and kinda impossible to as I’m out in the general public daily. Being a truck driver and having to keep everyone supplied with their hording is a daily task and going from delivery to delivery you have to interact with everyone. I figured that if I happen to get it then I will just have to deal with the problem as there’s really nothing I can really do to avoid this. They are saying it can live on surfaces for possibly days and remain in the air for hours, so in my line of work it’s just a necessary risk I’m having to take to make sure the economy keeps moving in some direction.


@Brian110, everyone needs to make the best of the situation. There is plenty to do at home, it’s a personal choice to make the best of the situation.

@Damon - stay safe out there!

There was a tactical pistol shoot scheduled for today, I wanted to go to it because it would have been fun and I would have blown off the job to go and because there were a 100 people going they complied with the states request and canceled it for no good reason but health reasons

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Amen to that. This is topic is called “real news on virus.”


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