Real Estate Agent carry?

I am a real estate agent in the Atlanta area. I purchased a Sig 365 and I need a way to carry it. I will be doing open houses with just a dress shirt and dress pants. What’s best way to carry the gun? I have a holster now that goes inside the waistband but you can see the butt of the gun. I have a few gun stores around but none carry a wide selection of holsters. I hate to wear the dress shirt untucked, even though it is a style. I did buy a stylish vest that may be long enough to cover it.


Greetings. This is a recent post about belly bands. It may be an option for you.


ComfortTec Belly band holster’s you can get it delivered if you order today you can deliver get it by Sunday or Monday if you choose via That would be the fastest way most efficient I’m sure they sell them in stores like the Glock store in California also but I would recommend ComfortTec If you want to take a look at it you can go on YouTube and there’s several videos on the product there

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Good gun. Ive found that most guns are pretty hard to conceal with just one layer of clothing. Especially if you want to tuck a shirt in. Body build also has a lot to do if youre able to conceal with no problem. Most any holster adds to the girth you have to hide. You could wear a light windbreaker or consider carrying a smaller pistol like a 22mag or LR revolver (dont worry about all the opinions of stopping power) that is easier to conceal. If you are showing a home I would imagine if you had to pull out anything that would pretty much run the offender off.

A ankle holster like the Bug-Bite might be what you want.


You may have to try a few things to find what will work for you. My partner is a property manager, and her carry is also the 365. Of course this is not Georgia; she just did a slight wardrobe change. I did laugh the other night… she has 1 gun, and 8 carry options. I have 6 carry guns with a single carry option (all leather OWB hosters). LOL

You should also take a look at a SmartCarry. I have used them for concealing up to a 5" 1911; a small gun like the 365 would be easy. The grip of the gun sits behind the belt.

The Alien Gear IWB holster is tuckable, and I have worn it with a shirt tucked in and while the grip may at times show, it is not significant and is not often.
Check the type of IWB holster you are using.
You can also consider an ankle holster, or a smaller easier to conceal firearm, but you should be able to use the IWB with your shirt tucked in.
A vest might be a good option, and they can be both dress and casual.

Never knowing who you might be showing property to, it is good to carry.

A tuckable iwb should work, OR just throw on a sport coat-looks professional and hides very well. Yes, I “know” it gets hot in Ga., spent 6 years there and my job required a coat and tie when out of the office😏

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