Range targets - show them off!

Went to the range yesterday and had decided not shoot my EDC but only my secondaries. I was shooting a sig p938 and a Kimber custom super Carry 45 ACP. Distance was mostly 7 and 10 yards and shot double and triple taps. My 9:38 is as reliable as it can be but it’s just not that fun to shoot! Seems to always tear my pinky up. By the time last night rolled around I decided to buy a second hellcat which is my primary ecd. Couple more flyers than usual but I guess I should expect that with the 938 since I don’t shoot it that often. Iron sights on both.


Detail of a zero target I happened to save during my Active Duty time.

The groin shots are an engagement ender for sure!



After changing over my mag release this morning I decided to run up to the range and take the new hellcat for a test drive. Iron sights 7 yd 100 rounds as fast as I could fire and pick up the next mag. No malfunctions all mags function well both my older mags and the three new.

She’s the sister to my primary EDC so I have some redundancy.