Range Bag Dump: Duffle-like bag or range backpack?

For years I used an old GI surplus canvas bag until I outgrew it. I added an Allen bag about two years ago, which can contain a couple of lockable MTM hard plastic 806 pistol cases (along with everything else) in order to not run afoul of my State’s laws.

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A day pack backpack is handy when shooting at a local BLM range, which is at the end of a short 4WD road mainly because I don’t have a 4WD right now and it leaves my hands free for carrying the target stands.


I take a duffle bag because it holds my ammo cases, gun rack, ear protection, binoculars, hand towels, a few tools & a first aid case etc… I have a briefcase style gun/mag case that will hold six pistols &eight mags. I put the bag over my shoulder & carry the case. Easy & efficient.