Quit losing your guns in boating accidents

All these stories about losing your guns in a boating accident and now people are finding them!

Florida boy reels in .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles while fishing (militarytimes.com)
OH Florida!!!


I don’t doubt the veracity of the story. It’s Florida after all.
I’m more like, getcha popcorn ready and wait for the next fishing discovery.


That is so true!


Two of them! At first, it must have seemed like a whole lotta catfish but oh mi!
And all I ever got was weeds…


So hypothetically, if you had found this rifle… would you report it?
Be honest.


I cannot answer that question due to it might incriminate me.


Hypothetically? I plead the fifth. But there might be a run on some .50 cal rounds somewhere​:pray::wink::grin::rofl::us:


No. Someone probably dumped those there for a reason and if they were used in a crime, I don’t want them in my possession. I also question their condition as I don’t know how long they’ve been sitting underwater. I’ve heard they’re heavy and ammo is expensive. I also don’t have a multi-acre lot where I can take it out to.


I tend to go along with this. I once found an M16 in a river beneath a bridge. I wouldn’t touch it, I just reported it to the local police department. My assumption was that if someone dumped it into the river, it’s probably evidence.

If I found something really cool under water, I might have to think for a bit about whether or not to keep it. But ultimately, do I want to be tied to this piece of equipment that someone else didn’t want to be caught with?


I turned in a 9 mm Glock that I found in my back yard. I knew where it came from, it had been used to kill a cop. After I found the handgun, the perp received the death penalty, and it was carried out a couple of years later. Yes, he was my Neighbor


Hmmm, couple .50 bmg’s used in a crime?
Fwiw, .50 bmg is about the best bang for the buck out there these days. Seen it for 6.5CM prices, and it’s 4+times the size. 660 grain.


Okay, the person found not 1 but 2! If they had been properly sealed, and assuming they were in good shape, could one claim the property as theirs after the police had held on to them for 30 days like money or other property? That is like finding two Rolexs!


I haven’t gone fishing in years but still…I WANT MINE!!!

I lost mine in a deep deep lake, LMAO and for the life of me I cant remember what lake it was! Maybe it is Lake NoneYourBusiness, LOL. If the ATF or FBI come asking.


Can’t help it, it just happens!

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Atlantic Ocean is not a lake! :joy: :joy: :joy: :ocean:

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LOL, sadly being in a land locked state the Atlantic Ocean is a little far away so a lake will have to do. :rofl: Besides that there are lots of lakes to Choose from, from here to the Atlantic or the Pacific for that matter, LOL

I can’t believe people actually lose their guns on a boat. It’s a great excuse when the gun grabbers come for our guns. Mine are buried in PVC pipes in my garden. I keep it constantly rototilled every season so the soil is always planted and looks disturbed. How deep should it me to avoid a metal detector? Do gun grabbers have ground penetrating radar? If not, I think I’m good. BTW, my tomatoes are outrageous.


NO, no and No

A way to make your guns disappear is check the obituaries in the newspaper and make up bills of sales to the departed.

Side note – going to funerals is a good way to acquire guns. The widow may be looking for a kind person to take those awful guns out of the house.