Question for Kevin Michalowski

I’m not sure where to post this query, but I have a Question for Kevin Michalowski regarding his Dare to Compare Article in the Feb/Mar 2021 issue of the magazine.

Besides the thumb safety, Kevin mentioned that the G3 has a reset trigger.

I know Lenny Magill sells a reset trigger for the Glocks for use in dry fire practice.

The question is would it work for live fire, and still be safe?

I know they make magazines for Glock that reset the trigger.

Are you worried about 2nd strike capability? I wouldn’t be worried about 2nd strike capability in a 9mm and up centerfire cartridge. Good ammo will feed, and if you do experience issues, that’s why we practice “tap rack”.

I think 2nd strike is a good idea for pocket pistols and rim fire, but I don’t think it’s necessary for a Glock. The Taurus is cool simply because you can just throw a laser cartridge in it and have at it.

No, specifically a reset trigger for Glocks, not the magazine.


I wouldnt be more worried about explaining that modifications if its was used in a SD incident.

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What he said, most pistols can fire faster with the original trigger then the shooter ever will, learn to use what you have.

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Yeah, I didn’t understand the question. Glock has a great reset, why would this even be a thing?

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The reset trigger resets the trigger without having to rack the slide. I don’t imagine that it changes the weight or the break so it not a speed of (actual) shooting. Since the Taurus G3 that Kevin compared to a G19 comes with a Manual (Thumb) safety and a reset trigger, I wondered if the Glock with a reset trigger (available from the Glock Store) would work not only with dry fire, but also live fire.

I’d agree for defensive use, it’s probably not a good idea, kind of like the “Punisher” logo on the Slide Cover Plate is probably not helpful either.

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@Scoutbob ,
check this out:

And I think the video actually answers the question about using “Reset Trigger Kit” with live ammo.

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That’s an interesting idea. If I owned a Glock purely for training I would consider it. I’m not sure I trust it myself because I don’t understand how it works, but a “dry fire mag” makes more sense to me.

BUT this trigger is sold and marketed by Glock :man_shrugging:t2:

That being said, I can tell that it will work with live rounds because of the video Jerzy just showed. The newly installed stringer moves the sear. I mean, I wouldn’t take my word for it, but if it’s moving all of the parts the same, it should work for live fire.

  1. This is the best tool you would have for dry firing. Having exactly the same pistol with trigger reset kit and for live ammo is the ideal practice tool (I’d recommend 2 same pistols - one for practice, one for live ammo)
  2. Definitely better option than SIRT for home practice (prices of both are very similar)
  3. I wouldn’t trust “trigger reset kit” when using live ammo (Mr. Magill clearly states it won’t work…but maybe it is for striker only)

I’d like to have the same kit for M&P… So far SIRT PRO is a good equivalent.

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Wonder why it wouldn’t work based on what I saw :face_with_raised_eyebrow:,

He also said the trigger kit was heavier than the stock trigger to build strength. I’m personally not sold on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful for someone else.

Don’t trust in what you have seen … . believe in what the guy said.

He has been working with Glocks for a loooooooong time.

I didn’t watch the hole thing, I just skipped past the install and watched him pull that trigger. I just don’t see the point in doing all that work to make a Glock inoperable when their are other options. I understand it’s many many more reps, but I still don’t care about it. Maybe if I was a serious competition shooter, but I’m not.

If it doesn’t work, it has to be because of two reasons, the sear is never dropped, or the practice trigger set up doesn’t move the striker block. I’d hate to be slamming the firing pin against the striker block over and over.

BUT I’ve already proven I don’t know what I’m talking about. I still don’t care for it. I like stock triggers and standard dry fire practice :man_shrugging:t2:. To each his own.

The whole thing with this “trigger reset kit” is to have a great practice tool without breaking your habits. There is no better practice than using the tool you are gonna have on you when it’s needed.

The trigger reset mechanism has few changes that resets trigger without racking the slide. But these changes are within action mechanism, so that should be “no-go” with live ammo for responsible person.
Even it seems to be fully operational… using live ammo is not a good idea, especially if the kit was not designed for it.

Anyway, that’s a Glock Talk and I can only admire how many great things can be done for Glock users.

Oh… The topic says"Question for Kevin Michalowski"… let’s call him out then:

@KevinM …how are you?

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I doubt this is really possible with how the striker and firing pin work. The device would have to pull the striker assembly over the sear. The flocks “safe action” process is probably what makes this possible.

That makes a lot of sense!

This is one of the reasons I got one.

The Taurus trigger is interesting. I’ve shot the p111 and the g2c.I much prefer Glock or M&P,

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I have no experience with this setup, and don’t own a Glock… however, this is my general understanding of striker fired pistols vs DA and DA/SA pistols.

On striker fired pistols, the recoil sping is responsible for both “cocking” the gun (firing pin under tension), and returning the slide into battery. IIRC, cocking the firing pin happens during the return to battery phase. If the slide isn’t racked by your hand or by firing, the firing pin is not cocked.

On a DA or DA/SA firearm, the recoil spring only returns the slide into battery. Their is a separate hammer spring which is tensioned by squeezing the trigger, or by racking the slide if it is DA/SA.

From the video, it seems as though the kit’s design is to reset the trigger, but has no affect on the firing pin. Note that a special firing pin is required for the “laser bullet” activation which requires the firing pin safety to be taken out of the firearm during practice.


Kevin is getting ready to do a TV interview in a few minutes, but here are a few quick thoughts from him:

Striker cannot be used with live ammo. So the trigger from is NOT for real ammo.

Here’s the link for more information: