Quality Range Gear

There are a lot of new gun owners out there searching for information about the best guns and gear.

As I approach the one year anniversary of my initial Massad Ayoob MAG40 class, I reflect back on the guns and gear selected for this class.

The below article includes recommendations from Massad’s website and the gear I used to complete his course.


Maybe you could provide some areas to focus on? I just show up in whatever I’m wearing at the time I go. I don’t own anything special outside of a few range bags. Jeans. T-shirt. Shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t the latest “tactital” clothes and gear to be successful…A good holster and belt along with a quality firearm are the most important aspects.


As website states:

  • the gun
  • the holster
  • the gun belt

These are 3 foundations of success. Anything else, tactical or not… doesn’t matter.


Ready. Let’s go.

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I get that…but none of that is range gear to me. We cannot draw at my ranges, so all of that is for protection while there an elsewhere, but is not related to the range visit/time. At least for me.


:+1: yeah…you are right…
Seems the topic should be “course gear”

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“Course Gear” does probably make more sense. Here is Massad’s link to the MAG40 course and his complete list.

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No IL on the list… :frowning_face:

I value “old timers” as Instructors. I read almost every Massad Ayoob’s book and learnt a lot from them.
Not everything applies to current World, but these still contain great info.

I wish I could attend his class one day…


There is one in Kankakee IL in June!


Sounds like the same list I have taken to a few gun classes. The thing that has changed the most is my belt. I have gone through a lot of different belts before I found what works for me. One thing I would add is a small personal first aid kit, band aids, neosporin type stuff. I like New Skin, works great on small cuts. And a snack, in case there is not a lunch option.

I am glad I have one range I can draw from the holster. Just does not feel the same shooting from the low ready.

Oh, and extra batteries if you use electronic ear protection.

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Rule #1: One is none, Two is one.

While I am not fortunate enough to have matching gear and guns I steadfastly refuse to show up without a back up for most all the important parts to and including eyes and ears and batteries for the ears and probably a mechanical set + foamies. From innumerable courses and competitions I have whittled my gear down from a truck bed full to a backpack and a “support box”. The tools and parts in the support box will do just about anything to my platforms short of threading a barrel. I have been the guy that saved someone else’s match or class (including my own) because I had either a) spare parts or b) spare guns and gear.

The gear process is an ever ongoing evolution. I am a minimalist in just about every meaning but rarely did I ever go to a course or competition that I didn’t walk away with SOMETHING new on my “I got to have one of those.” list. Later on in the game I usually came home a little lighter after giving some new guy some part or piece of gear that I had extra or was getting a replacement for. Second hand gear becomes GEAR when you need it and don’t have it or you break yours.