Massad Ayoob's Stressfire

I picked up a copy of volume1decades ago and misplaced it. I just found my copy and am enjoying rereading it. i was wondering if anyone else here was familiar with the techniques in the book and what you thought of them?

I have the book, one of them anyway. Can’t remember how long ago I read it. May have to give it another flip.

Mas is a titan of the industry for sure

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Just last month I completed Mas’s MAG40 class. He taught us the Stressfire methods first with videos in the classroom and then in live fire on the range. First day on the range I was shooting terribly. Second day, as the day progressed I saw improvement. Then, as the last exercise of the day we all took his qualification fire test., which is based on several parts of police and FBI qualification tests.
I passed with a score of 298 of a possible 300. I am a believer.


I’m taking MAG 40 in August. Very much looking forward to it.


From watching videos of his, I don’t know if I would use him as an instructor. He has probably forgotten more than I will ever know but there is just something I don’t like. To each his own I guess. If you’re happy that’s all that matters.

After finishing MAG40, I concur completely. Excellent course. Excellent material and just a great guy.

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What instructors have you trained with or who would you recommend?

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I’ve trained with the US Prison, BOP, system but many years ago. I’ve started training with Natalie Bohan recently here in KY and plan on taking more as soon as my sciatica heals up. My limited interactions with the police have best been served by saying nothing. Like everyone, just like a-holes, I have my own opinion that I think works for me. Everybody has to have one for themselves.

A question I was trained with if I ever have to talk to investigators: do you know what color the sky is? If you say, it’s blue that is a wrong answer.

Hope I haven’t strayed too far afield.

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I could argue that the sky is blue.

Depends on the definition of the word “sky” and has multiple potentially correct answers, one of which, I will say, is “blue”

But I suppose that does somewhat support the “I will cooperate 100% but first I need my attorney”

Read the question again. It asked if you knew the color, not what the color is.

I didn’t say anything in response to your question, I typed silently, not a word.


The correct answer is: yes, I know what color the sky is.

I’m lookin at it right now, tell me what color it is.

Kididng. Hehe


Hope that sciatica heals up quickly! I’ve heard that is awful.

It’s great that you found a local guy as well.

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You definitely don’t want it. Worst part is all you have to do is bend over wrong. If you should have it, go to PT for Dry Needling. Fixed me up after two trips. Now it’s working the soreness out of the muscles. I wonder what ppl did before current treatments were available?

Think I might have found someone closer than the hour drive now. I would join that club but it’s located on the rear end of a tick on the backside of the middle of nowhere.

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Also failed to say thank you. You apparently have some public service in your background with your training list. Sincere thanks for that.

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Thank you kindly. May the Lord bless you abundantly

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Believe me when I say he already has more than I can measure.