Massad Ayoob's Stressfire

I picked up a copy of volume1decades ago and misplaced it. I just found my copy and am enjoying rereading it. i was wondering if anyone else here was familiar with the techniques in the book and what you thought of them?

I have the book, one of them anyway. Can’t remember how long ago I read it. May have to give it another flip.

Mas is a titan of the industry for sure

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Just last month I completed Mas’s MAG40 class. He taught us the Stressfire methods first with videos in the classroom and then in live fire on the range. First day on the range I was shooting terribly. Second day, as the day progressed I saw improvement. Then, as the last exercise of the day we all took his qualification fire test., which is based on several parts of police and FBI qualification tests.
I passed with a score of 298 of a possible 300. I am a believer.


I’m taking MAG 40 in August. Very much looking forward to it.