QD or not QD? Rifle scope mount

Looking at Burris AR-PERP scope mount. I have a choice between QD or regular version. My thought is, if I want to switch scopes or replace a broken one, with QD I need not worry about heating locktite, vertical adjustment and leveling, etc.
Does anyone have this scope mount model, or have an opinion about QD mounts?


@Alexander8, The only QD mount I have any experience with is the QD Monstrum Picatinny Riser Mount I picked up for the reddot on my Sub2K. I did loctite the thumbscrews into place after I got the QD tension where I wanted it and that should not be an issue for you replacing a broken optic in the future. The screws holding the optic on the mount should not need to be loctited in place. There may be an issue of re-adjusting your scope whenever you pull the QD mount off the rifle and re-install, depending on how close the machining is on your rail. I have not needed to re-adjust my since I set it 4 years ago,

But, of course, it is only a reddot, not a scope, and it is mounted on a 9mm PCC, not a long range rifle. I can still hit the target in the head at a hundred yards though.


I’ve got QD rings on my M1a Scout. On paper when reattached, and I like the idea for a battle rifle. Last outing with my son Aaron (r.i.p) the ler scope broke…a minute later we were ringing steel at 300 with the irons.
My opinion, if you have good irons and a rifle made to use them, QD makes sense. Make sure your irons are zeroed beforehand.
Thinking it’d make sense to put QD mounts on an AR or two, though with less recoil and more robust optics, the chance of failure is much less.


I can’t remember the last time I broke a modern scope so I have ONE hunting rifle wearing QD mounts anymore. I consider them useful only on a dangerous game rifle if you need to go looking for something that might hunt you back in the brush and I have since just migrated to scopes with low end magnification as a better alternative. The one gun that has a QD mount really came from the factory with it (European gun) so I’ll leave it alone but I doubt I’ll ever take the scope off.

They can make sense if you are running a scope on an AR that might have to double as a close quarter weapon but I long ago gave up on scopes on ARs since I have no long range ARs left. So all my ARs wear some sort of a red dot optic with zero magnification. Those are good for human sized targets to a few hundred yards as long as you do your part.

So I guess my take is no QD unless there is a very specific reason why you’d need to repeatedly take the scope on and off in the field.