Red Dot or Scope?

Deer hunting season may be months away, but many hunters stay on the lookout for tools to help them take the prize buck.

Which do you prefer for your rifle (hunting or otherwise)?

  • Red Dot
  • Scope
  • Other

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Which model of red dot or scope do you recommend?"

It really depends on what I’m hunting or doing.

For the long long reach out there, the glass scope with some big X power.
For hogs, dillos, opossum, skunk and other nasties, red dot, or better yet the Thor Thermal.

Depends on the mission/purpose.
Even for just hunting (without the or otherwise) the answer would be subject to the prey and the terrain?

Generally speaking, I have never personally considered a red dot as a strong contender for application on one of my hunting rifles.

It all depends on the application. I have all types, high power varmint and long range scopes, low power scopes, fixed power scopes, red dots, reflexes, but in the end, I went with scope. Why? Because I have an astigmatism. If I have my prescription glasses on, all is fine, but without my glasses, a red dot appears as a fuzzy figure 8.

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I chose Red Dot as currently I only have an AR15, which I prefer to run with a red dot. However, when take the plunge into distance shooting with a bolt-action rifle, it will be a scope all the way.

Fan of Vortex from years ago, ie the warranty!

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Scope or even iron sights since I would be somewhat distressed if I lost the buck of a lifetime due to dead batteries

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I chose other because I love the dot sights but for a rifle a scope is my preference. But I can have the best of both worlds. A scope with an illuminated reticle. A variable power with lit reticle like the Elcan or Trijicon ACOG or an EOtech dot with an add-on magnifier W/ tip off mount.

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Just a thought. On all of my firearms that have a Red Dot I cut a square around the battery package (2032) and tape it to the stock so I have a spare battery always ready. :+1:

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