PSA Coupons February 2024

Palmetto is always running deals, but unless you are on their email list, you will probably miss a lot of them.

This is a link that shows a lot of their current deals: Palmetto State Armory Coupons & Deals - Feb 2024 - Pew Pew Tactical

I personally took advantage of the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x Gen 2 & Mount Combo for $299. I ordered it on Monday and it was at my door on Thursday. :+1: Weather permiting, I am hoping to be zeroing it in sometime next week.


I hide my credit card when the email arrives.


Now, every time I get that look in my eyes, my wife takes my wallet! She says 27 is enough, I say, lets make it an even 30!


I was looking at that, but I really want the higher magnification of the Razor III 1-10x for my Tavor 7.

Just $$$$$$!!!

I’ve held one and looked through it,…. Damn!

Maybe if someone put that strike eagle in my hand for a look….


My son has the 1-6 Strike Eagle. Looking thru his and knowing how he researches everything before putting his money on the table made the decision easy for me.

However, a $4k budget would quickly change a lot of my decisions! :slight_smile:

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