PSA Dagger 🗡️ Worth The Money?

Well, I have a G19 that I carry most of the time and I use to carry a walther pps m2 but decided my wife needed something to carry so now I’m on the look out for a decent price range compact nine. I recently noticed on PSAs website they had a great deal on the PSA dagger with ten extra mags but was hesitant considering how generous they are with the extra stuff added. I’ve never had a problem with any of their ar platforms but have yet to try out their sidearms, does anyone have any experience with this particular firearm?

Thanks Landon Bolts :point_right:

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The most recent we have here.

PSA Dagger Compact with Vortex venom red dot - Guns & Gear - USCCA Community (


Thank you didn’t realize there was already a topic on it. I’ll check it out.


Brings up an interesting question.
Which Glock clone is the closest in build to the real thing?