PSA Dagger Compact with Vortex venom red dot

I cannot find a recent thread on here but i will ask a question. Are the PSA Daggers any good? I am strickly glocks and H&Ks. I realized my G19 does not have a MOS system, and I have had an eye on PSA for a while. Was thinking about buying a first basic AR. Their compact dagger with red dot on it is $499.

Is there anyone with experience good or bad?
PSA Dagger Compact 9mm Pistol With Extreme Carry Cut Doctor Slide, Threaded Barrel, & Vortex Venom 3MOA Red Dot, 2-Tone Gray | Palmetto State Armory

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There are a bunch of reviews on youtube. Everyone seems to like them and they seem pretty reliable. They are a Glock Gen3 clone (the patent expired so everyone is making them now), so it sounds like you should be good with them.

That Venom on the other hand is rather :neutral_face:. Not sure if they’ve improved much lately but they were not considered very durable when they first came out.

If it were me, I’d keep an eye on some of their other deals that comes with mags or ammo and such. Just shoot irons until you can save up for a nicer red dot.


Yes I have looked at older YouTube reviews of people that made the gun from parts, and it different times they have had different deals, for example they were selling slides with the HaloSun already on it. I think honest outlaw on YouTube did that video. My only concern is their trigger. I kind of like the glock trigger within the trigger.

The truth is I am not interested in machining my slide to make it mos compatible or buying of of those dovetail kits.

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IMO, I think you’ll be fine with a Dagger. I agree on not machining a slide if you don’t have to. The daggers have several variants that are red-dot ready.

Some reviews that might help you decide… Honest Outlaw (thousand round review), TFB TV, Warrior Poet Society, IraqVeteran8888, MrGunsNGear, ARFCOM