Protecting Yourself in the Kitchen?

There are a lot of ways to get hurt in the kitchen, but there are a lot of useful tools there as well.

Part of our training should always be recognizing weapons of opportunities that might be used against us or that we can use to defend ourselves.

Kitchen knives are a pretty obvious self-defense option.

What other weapons of opportunity do you have in your kitchen? In the rest of your home?



  • knives (of course)
  • fork
  • potato peeler
  • rolling pin
  • pot lids (for defense)

Rest of house:

  • iron
  • baseball bat
  • extension cords
  • pen, pencil
  • screwdriver
  • utility knife
  • floor scrapper, broom
  • chair (if nothing else available)

I cook with cast iron… :smiley: I could probably figure out how to use the Ninja too! I frequently have coffee on, so hot liquids is an option.


Goodness @Dawn the only place that has more weapons of opportunity than the kitchen is my workshop. I am a huge supporter of Pamper’d Chef and believe that cast iron is the perfect cook wear. Breaking bad when I am in the kitchen is a recipe to be killed or WORSE and that doesn’t include the 2 or 3 pistols on top of the fridge. You doggone sure don’t want to let me to roam around the rest of the house if you are coming after me.

The safest place to come at me is when I’m mowing the lawn and then you still have 7 rounds of .45 to deal with. If I make it to the house, you’re pretty much in for a very bad day.




No kidding I was at Walmart today and going through the camping aisle and a father/daughter were there and adjusting things in their basket to make room for something and the literally had 5-7 rolling pins in their cart!! I immediately wondered if they were attempting to stock up on less than lethal defensive items for the kitchen for tomorrow…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Knives, pots and pans, scissors in drawer, plates, decorative wine bottle(they seem impossible to break), chairs, any small appliance that isn’t anchored down(I’m a big guy)

Rest of house
Anything under 25 lbs that isn’t anchored to the wall(yes I’m being serious about this), ball bat, canned hair products(spray in the eyes, hit in the temple with the can)

Remember, these are weapons of opportunity. I wouldn’t plan on using any of them, but could imagine how everything in the house that I can lift, throw, or swing can be used.


There’s plenty of inanimate objects throughout the house that can be swung, tossed, or jabbed with if needed. However, I do my best to use holster systems that I’m comfortable enough to keep on around the house and doing everyday chores.


I collect all things Dragon, this includes knives and swords and figurines throughout the house on display. While most everything is not razor sharp, I am sure I can swing or poke hard enough any of them to leave me with an advantage.

Just throwing salt in the face of the unwanted guest could make all the difference you need.


In the kitchen, besides what is already listed and lots of knives…

  • hot coffee
  • heavy ceramic canisters
  • wine bottles
  • wrought iron corkscrew
  • heavy pans
  • heavy glass canisters
  • herb chopper

I was thinking that, but using the coffee pot with hot coffee all in itself. I always have some Louisiana Community hot and fresh all day for work and school!

@Zee I’m building a big box to send to the main office in Wisconsin with Buku flavors. I want you in on a box I’m sending out and if you don’t mind send me your address or P.O. box you want in my private messages.

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