Weapon of opportunity

Self-defense incidents happen all of the time - and not just with guns:

What weapons of opportunity are you on the lookout for when you’re out and about?

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Emergency lockers are a gold mine. Blunt objects, a fire extinguisher (if its powder it’s very hard to breath once you are exposed)

Any object can become an object of opportunity. As far as I’m concerned a desk chair is just as deadly as an AR 15. It’s the motivation of the person using the object that will determine it’s effectiveness.


Weapons of opportunity, for me, are blunt objects. Anything I can pick up and swing. A ball bat, a golf club, a chair. Whatever is at hand, and not anchored to the ground.


Very definitely, @Sheepdog556! When you’re fighting for your life, all need for respect and decorum are gone.

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Something ideally about 3’ long ideally in the 5-10lb range.

Fire extinguisher, that can spray, I’d rather have something that I can keep distance with but also have leverage.

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Anything from pencils and pens to hand tools, power tools, chairs, trashcans, walls, even my own teeth.

The human body and mind are the weapon everything else we employ are just tools.

If you are fighting for your life or to protect others the only rules are never to harm an innocent if humanly possible and to win.

FE’s serve two funcitons, first to discourage and distract and then as a blunt instrument.

Fixed objects can be as well. Use your attacker’s body as the accelerator and the fixed objects as impact weapons.

Put a man in a headlock for example and drive his head into a car, wall, or telephone pole. Curbs, sidewalks, fences and walls are very effective as well.

Just be creative and learn to look at your environment differently.

Self defense is much like driving, always look for available options and a way out.

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