This occurred to me yesterday.
I work 100% from home right now. In the business I’m in I spend a lot of time on my cell phone, voice, text, data, pictures etc.
Yesterday I stood up from my computer and headed to the bathroom for my morning sabbatical. While sitting there in the peaceful confines of the bathroom I reached down and made sure my IWB was fully clipped onto my belt, it was then it occurred to me, even though my cell phone is extremely important for my very sustenance it was my firearm that I carried into the bathroom and everywhere else for that matter. So I guess my ability to defend takes priority over my ability to produce/provide.


I think they’re intrinsically intertwined. If you can’t provide for your family, then you’ll have no family to protect. If you can’t protect your family, then you have no one to provide for.

But kudos for leaving your cell phone when you visit the loo. I absolutely can’t stand it when people use the john like a phone booth.


While I agree that regular calls should not be made or taken in the bathroom, if something happened and you needed to contact 911 RIGHT NOW, then you may have to fight your way to the phone.


I’ve got a friend, not in the best of health but not handicapped, who slipped and fell backwards into his bathtub and was there 36 hours before someone came by to check on why he wasn’t answering his phone and found him.

Not all life-threatening risks can be solved with a gun but most can be mitigated with a phone.

BTW he is a gun guy.


curios what the ratio is…people like your friend that needed a cell at all times compared to the number of people who have been injured (or who injured others) while using a cell when they shouldn’t be


Good question.
Is it still illegal to beat someone when you miss a green light because the driver in front is too busy playing with his phone?


I believe that is legal in Chicago… Let me know how that works out for you… :rofl:

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