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Riddle me this: At 3:03 a.m. a few weeks ago, I was rudely pulled from sleep by an automated voice on speakerphone, loudly telling me about Amazon PillPack.

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Are you a stickler for closing the apps on your phone like Beth is? (I’m terrible about doing that!)

How often do you find your phone apps (like Facebook and Google) suggesting things you have recently talked about?

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@Dawn, I always turn my cell phone off at night. And I also haven’t given my cell number out to many friends. I may still be old fashion. But I still have a landline. and that is on all of the time. So if someone needs to call me they have to use it. But with our landline carrier if there is a power failure we have no landline. Because it runs off of a modem and it needs power to run. But cell is a backup. But it just isn’t used as a main phone.

My default ring for anyone not in my phone directory is “silent” - never rings. If it is important they leave a VM. 99% are telemarketers.
2nd, my phone left on my desk at the other end of the house, not in my bedroom.
3rd, I have a pad with no phone capabilities for email, WX, Kindle etc. All location and tracking if turned off on the pad. The phone is for phone calls and text only with most of the apps disabled. I will enable an app if I need one.

What good is an unloaded weapon?
If you feel you are being “watched” and “tracked”, you would be correct. But, of course everyone knows the “advertising industry” has been tracking consumer activity since the 1970’s, right?
It’s certainly not going to lighten the activity now, especially with such ease of information gathering with “smartphones” (smartphones are in quotations because they rarely are). They are only as smart or invasive as you allow them to be. Believe it or not, even with the battery removed, your phone is still tracking and listening to you. You may be surprised to see just how small batteries are these days.
On that note, sleep tight…

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Please, tell me how you believe that your phone can still track and listen to you with it’s battery removed? I do not know how this can be possible, and I have not seen anyone else claim that this is possible. If you can show me otherwise I will TRULY APPRECIATE it! I just want to know the truth, I’m not just trying to be argumentative…

Thanks for any sincere reply…

Sure. I’d be happy to show you. It’s going to be more of a “hands on” tutorial though. As I have learned from past experiences, it can get quite confusing and mind boggling for those without an extensive knowledge of microchips, transponders, relays, sub-c’s, delays, servers, regens, and, well, that list is extensive as you can see.

Where about in the country do you live?

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Oh. And just to give you a “heads up”, if I don’t reply within a couple of days of your response, give it time. I will respond, however it may take a little longer than most people are used to.

Also, something to ponder:

Why is the red/green light on electrical devices called an “idiot light”?

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To answer your question… I am currently living in Yuma, Az, but spent most of my life in SE Pennsylvania up till a few years ago.

I am not an expert in electronics, but I have spent most of my life repairing and even in some cases designing electronic equipment. I know enough to know that I don’t know everything, so I am always open to learning new things… However when something that goes against all that I’ve previously ‘known’ is presented, I need a lot more information before I accept it as fact. No matter how complicated the equipment is, there needs to be a power source for it to operate. With out a battery a phone has no power to do anything… There are some devices that when ‘pinged’ with enough power from close by CAN give a limited response, however that requires circuitry designed to do just that, such as is used in RFID technology. As always, I am willing to learn, if you can provide an explanation.

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“Also, something to ponder:
Why is the red/green light on electrical devices called an “idiot light”?”

Unlike a meter which requires an understanding and interpretation of what is proper or normal operation, an “idiot light” coming on tells anyone there IS A PROBLEM and requires very little understanding or intelligence.

Ponder me this:

How does a railroad watch keep time? Clearly, there are no batteries.

Aren’t they wound or like newer watches use kinetic energy from regular movements to wind them automatically.

I know of no electronic device that can transmit without a power source. Turning it ‘off’ won’t work. That said, two things come to mind. How many phones (or other devices) have non-replaceable batteries? And, as you implied, it doesn’t take much to send out a ‘ping’.

Correct. The idea behind the “Idiot Light” was to fool people and get them “used” to the idea of seeing a green for on, and red for off (though you need power either way to power the LED). It wouldn’t, nor does it, take much energy to power up a chip on a cycle of say every 2 hours. But, as long as you’re not doing anything wrong… why would you care? Because it’s invasive. There was something in our constitution about invasion of privacy, or something. Personally, I expect “Big Brother” to dabble a little into the eaves dropping of the public at large. Don’t you? How else would they know who to pay attention to? I also think snowden is a traitor. He gave out information he swore an oath that he would not. Not much integrity or honor in that lil guy.


If I found a spring in my cell phone… THEN, I would begin to worry!


I don’t know all the details, but sometimes in life you have to make a decision… What is THE correct thing to do in my situation… It may not always be the EASY way to go… BUT if the oath that you have taken is:

“I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC;…” Then you may have to do things that break other rules… Just Sayin

It always comes down to: Which is the least invasive, most productive option. Sometimes one has to “Bend” a rule or two to obtain the desired outcome. Those who make the rules rarely think of how those rules are enforced, or what methods were employed to gain the desired outcomes. “By any means necessary” isn’t just an agency motto, they are words often lived by.

As you were.
Carry On.