Preventing home break-ins

A TV station in Boise, ID interviewed 86 burglars about what deters them from burglarizing a home. It’s definitely not a scientific study, but it does share some interesting insights:

Some of the responses surprised me:

“In my opinion, I think homeowners should always leave a TV or radio on,” said one inmate.

“Get a camera and make it visible!” wrote another.

“Put bars on your windows and doors, get an alarm, keep an extra car in the driveway, keep lights, TVs and radios on when you leave your home,” read one questionnaire.

I leave a TV on for my dogs (yes, they’re slightly spoiled), so I hit two of their big suggestions (large dogs are discussed earlier in the article).

What do you do to make your home less appealing to burglars?


Used to be where burglars we’re afraid of barking dogs and people who were known gun owners. Used to be that burglars didn’t carry guns but nowadays I’m not sure because so many Liberal Judges cut bad guys loose and dismiss the gun charges. It’s seems to be a revolving door policy like in by 9AM Released by 5PM. Now we need neighborhood watch groups, house alarms, cameras everywhere, the full spectrum of tools against home breakins


Growing up my parents lived in a neighborhood that became a frequent target for break ins. Their house however escaped even despite similarities to the neighbors. My Dad credited their good fortune to irregular work schedules, especially when us kids were high school and college age we didn’t even know who would be at the house or when with the entry level jobs we held. The other factor was that those break ins the police solved often involved someone who had attended a party or gathering at the house giving the thief a chance to look the target over. My folks didn’t entertain at the house or allow us kids to have parties there either. I agree with the suggestions in the video, and my dog cut short a break-in at my own house, but I think the crazy schedules and not giving a “free look” at your home by people you don’t really know is also important.

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Dimmed light in living room (blinds on windows) - 1st floor
Programmable light switch in front room on 2nd floor (light goes on / off irregularly).
And my neighbors of course, they are the best alarm ! :muscle:

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Leave front and rear porch lights on. Crooks don’t like lights showing them lurking around. We also lock the doors and deadbolts every time we leave the house. Even if it’s just for a walk. We don’t leave open any blinds that you can see any valuables if you were to look in that window.