Defending your home FAQ pt 1

Wondering if cameras are a deterrent? Want to burglar-proof your home?

Check out these tips:

What other questions do you have about defense in your home?

Best I think in addition to cameras in tactical positions and trimming your trees and bushes back so there’s limited elements of surprises (and cover)and good indoor and outdoor lighting are Doberman dogs and German Shepherds I have had both breeds both have fantastic qualities both are very good around family and kids but my Doberman in my opinion was the my best attack trained dog.

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Plant pokey stuff like cacti around your vulnerable points like windows and spend the money to put in burglar resistant doors.

Cameras will help you catch the burglars, they won’t do much to discourage them.

Alarm systems are also a very good deterrent to most casual burglars/home invaders but will not stop the pro’s.

A little common sense goes a long way in reducing your risk but unfortunately there’s nothing you can do that guarantees your home won’t be broken into.