In the middle of the day

The sun comes up, people are out and about. No darkness to hide behind and plenty of eyes out.
These derelicts don’t care if it light or dark, day or night. They don’t even try to be sneaky. Middle of the day, kick in the front door, take the stuff and ride off on a bicycle.
A prime reason to consider carrying in your house during the day.


Yep. If I’m awake, I’m carrying. In the house, in the yard, in the car. Hell, even when I’m in the shower, house alarm is on and my EDC is on the counter just outside the shower.


I have said it before, I am Pogo, pants on gun on.


YUP! Same here Raymond ‘Pogo!’

No truer words…


If bums are breaking into houses in your neighborhood, it’s time to move to a safer place.

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There may not be too main o9f those left…unless…


Sorry too many delete(9)

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Last I saw stats, the majority of residential break ins/burglaries happened during the day. I think it’s been that way for a long time actually.

Generically in the past it was given as, best chance to take the stuff without facing the homeowner (at work/school) was breaking in during the day

Additionally, the majority of residential break ins occur through the front or back door


From what I have seen and read most criminals robing homes want to get in and out as quickly as they can without being noticed. That is probably still the case but now home working and schooling has decreased the odds of no one being home during the day. Though I suspect a fair number of burglars keep an eye on the homes they are targeting for a few days to try and make sure no one is around during the day.

That is what happened with the one mini crime spree in our low crime neighborhood. The crook, a looser adult son of a person who recently moved into the neighborhood, was seen driving around for a few weeks scoping out homes figuring out which ones were occupied and which ones were empty second homes. But his behavior drew a lot of attention. Despite picking homes that he thought no one could see him breaking into the sheriffs department had already received several calls before he hit his second one. He was caught with a pickup full of stolen goods before he could make it out of town.

There are some crooks though that specifically look for occupied homes either to force the homeowners into giving them access to their bank accounts or to intentionally inflict fear, pain and suffering during the robbery. Those home invasions seem to happen more often at night but can happen during the day as well.


If I don’t have a gun on me when in the house there is one within 3-4 steps of where I am standing in each room.


As a detective (Ret.), I can say most break ins occur during the day when most people are at work. If you are home during the day, it is always a good idea to have a way to protect yourself. One thing I will say is having a dog around is probably one of the best ways to protect yourself. I have this crazy black German Shepherd dog and he literally hears everything. His bark would probably scare most people off, and if they DID force their way in they would have to get through them, before I finished dealing with the threat.


If you are the unfortunate target of a home burglary, the fact is the statistics are that you will be burglarized again within 90 days. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, they know how to get in your house (or business) because they have already done it once. Second, they know what you have that is new because they stole all of your old stuff. This also applies to commercial burglaries and I have personal experience with two separate businesses. We solved the serial burglaries in one business while we hardened the site. We rented guard dogs to patrol inside the business after business hours. The dogs are trained not to poop in their guard area and are fed so that they don’t feel the urge. They were really ferocious and one time I arrived a little early before the handler took them out and they were indeed scary. The owner of the guard dog business reported that someone had tried to enter the building the previous night because when the handler arrived in the morning they were still aggressive and he had a hard time handling them. This was in the days before all the video cameras and doorbell devices, so I didn’t install alarms as the cops in our town don’t answer them. In the second business when I had problems with a burglar, I wound up sleeping in the business with my SKS until the building hardening was finished. I would up with the burglar’s tools. The contractor I hired found them hidden in some bushes on the property. As for cops. With the first business, the thief removed the goods through a window fronting on Main Street. A resident across from the building saw a patrol car go by while the thief was busy removing property and didn’t stop so he figured what was going on was okay. He couldn’t ID the thief except that he was male about 5’8", light colored skin and dark brown or black hair, neither long nor short and maybe 150#. That’s a really generic description that probably fits 30% of the male population in any town in the U.S.

Never did get a description of the burglar in the second burglary. The business was again on Main Street and the burglar kicked in a door that I had anti-burglar plastic installed. The installer didn’t tell me and I didn’t know that in order to be effective one must remove the glass from the frame and install the film all the way to the edge of the glass. Without that the glass will not break but will shatter as the experienced burglar kicks around the edge of the glass all along the frame to gain entry. There are several other lessons I learned from my unfortunate experiences with multiple burglaries but this post is getting longer and longer. I may post the other lessons later.


I didn’t know that either, so it was worth reading your longer and longer post. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes Brother Please elaborate on your experiences …we are all ears!
I use a whole bunch of verbiage and say absolutely nothing sometimes!
That was great a post. Thank you.


No truer words Nathan! In August of 2013 …on my birthday no less… our house was broken into by 4 “individuals” as law enforcement likes to call them and they did it right in the middle of the day. After taking my wife to lunch and returning home I was shocked to see my front door open and a power pack to one of our electronics on the front drive. Long story short, they broke in through the back French doors…(sorry Joanna Gaines but we will NEVER have another set of those again!! Incredibly easy to break into)… and walked through our house like they knew exactly what they were looking for. Praise God they could not get my gun safe open!! But the damage that was done and the fact they did this in a “nice quiet middle class neighborhood where this never happens” still haunts me to this day. Changes were made after that …alarms put in place, cameras, different locks and so on. And…to add insult to injury…several months after these jerks were caught in another house. The cops could not hold them. Not enough evidence. WHAT!?! The detective on the case absolutely was convinced it was the same crooks who robbed us via eyewitness accounts on our robbery and yet…they could not hold them on account of not enough evidence. Stay alert my friends. Make your castle as hard to break in as possible.


Those damn ‘French doors again!’
In the early 90’s we bought this house and fortunately
BEFORE we moved in SH**heads broke in with a huge crowbar.
They didn’t look in the windows first? NOPE
We had a huge roll of new carpet the tried to get down the alley way
and what? Put it in their Chevy? Dumb as a box of rocks.
They alerted us to the chink in the houses armor, I fixed it.

Folks it’s happening more and more frequently these days, Act Accordingly.


Like Keith at Christian Warrior always says remember your A. B. C’s, That is always be carrying.


I disagree, make your place safer ,have. an alliance with your neighbors.