Prayers requested for my beat up heart

Hey gang. So last Wednesday I apparently was having some heartburn but something felt wrong so I had my wife drive me to ICU where I apparently dropped dead as soon as walked in! Fortunately there was a surgeon standing there who decided he was going to make me live again. With the help of countless other hospital staff they tore all the cartilage between my ribs while somehow not breaking them doing CPR while the surgeon inserted a device from my waste into my heart and did some other experimental hydration and techniques that have me
Looking and feeling like a pincushion.

I am a reasonably healthy guy and heart attack was not on my radar!

I have no memory of any of this till I
started coming too on Saturday. I am now recovering at the hospital though every cough feels like getting hit in the chest by Mohamed Ali.

If I hadn’t listened to my gut there is no way the ambulance would have gotten to the hospital in time and my wife and six year old son would be alone.

No idea how long it will be before I can work again let alone hit the range. But I am incredibly lucky to be alive! Prayers and best wishes for my family are appreciated.


Yow! Incredibly bad fortune to be faced with a mortal test.

Incredibly wise (and aligned with powers of the Universe) to follow the signs and present yourself at the gates of modern medical science, so the other gates can wait a while. A lot of good outcomes these days from timely and appropriate intervention.

Hang in there, man!


Man, scary stuff dude!

I’m glad you’re well my friend!

When I read or hear stories like this, I always ask a bunch of questions. Not to be gossipy or personally intrusive to ones story but to find out, and learn what symptoms to look for and recognize? What underlying health issues? Age? ( I hate hearing stories like this in young folks ) Etc Etc…

Would you be able to share more so that we your brothers and sisters here in the community would know how to recognize an event as yours and how to maybe change our lifestyles for the better if that was a contributing factor.

Thanks for sharing and will for sure be hitting you up in our thoughts and prayers.


Here is a Jewish Prayer for Healing. And Yes I’m Jewish. I hope this helps. Get Better real soon.


You know I wish I could say XYZ made me go to the hospital. I actually have zero memory from that day. They apparently did CPR for 25 minutes and couldn’t get an IV in me so the used a newish technique to stick it Into leg bone. No my leg has a clogged vein which may or may not be related. More likely due to the days of sitting. They didn’t want to put an annoying air compression wrap on it due to the damage. My other leg has one which inflates every minute then deflates. Not conducive to sleeping.

But I remember feeling not quite right for a week or two. I assumed I was just getting a little out of shape because the majority of my exercise comes from work and I have been working less so my wife can get back to work. I do remember the night before saying I felt a little nauseous. That feeling must have persisted into the next day. I am not the kind to run to the doctor over every little ache and pain. I usually end up going every other year for a checkup and self treat for aches and sprains, etc. I suspect it was mostly intuition that lead me to have my wife drive me into town. I think our bodies and minds know what’s going on. So I would just say if your gut says go then go! And annual checkups are probably a good idea though I had one back in July that didn’t find anything.

@techs I am 53 and in no rush to see what is on the other side of the veil! Hope to stick around for several more decades!

@Reloader54 I am non denominational and believe all prayers and even thoughts have power and everyone needs to find their own way to connect with God or the universe or whatever you believe. So your prayer is much appreciated!


@Shamrock get well, Brother !

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Every day is a gift.
Wishing all the best for you and your family.


I do sort of a prayer/thought mix, and trust me, you’re the subject at the moment. Hope recuperation and recovery goes as well as possible…


@Shamrock I pray for your recovery. 53 is no age to check out of here, esp. with a young child.



Get well



Glad that you survived and get to share what happened. I’m 53 as well and a bit more sensitive now to what my body is telling me.


I did a lot of long distance backpacking when I was younger so learned to listen to body back then to keep the wheels from coming off. But as long as the pain moved around and didn’t settle in one place you were usually good to go.

The pain tends to settle into one place a lot more often these days:(

Here’s to meeting at a range when we turn 73!


Best wishes to you and your family Brother, Bruce and Nancy. :us:


I was pretty happy with the way it was tuned before but maybe for another $5,975,000 they can make me better, faster, and stronger! And if you get that reference you are at least as old as I am;)


Thanks for all the positive thoughts! Was having a rough day but things seem to be turning around.:fist:🪵


Not the only story like this I have heard lately. I will be praying for you.

It turns out that heart attacks without prior symptoms runs in my family. When we found that out, it sparked a flurry of cardiologist visits. I am currently recommending to all of my friends that they get checked out. Yes, it is inconvenient and expensive, but it is better than dropping dead.


As curious as I am about what lies beyond I have no interest in dropping dead anytime soon!

Interesting thing is I went for a physical in July and nothing showed up aside from some slightly elevated cholesterol.

My once every other year physical will definitely be a yearly event with full bloodwork now!


Yes I am. :rofl:


Glad to hear you are recovering, you probably scared your family half to death as well, best whishes to all of you.


Yeah my wife found out our car has an engine limiter that kicks in at 110 mph. I’m kinda bummed because it was supposed to be limited at 120:) Will have to see if I can get the dealer to change that setting in case I need to get somewhere in a hurry again!