I have a prayer request.

There’s a lady I’ve known forever. She is very sick and on top of that, she’s being abused by those she has given everything to. Lies about her abound, and it seems to come from all sides. It just breaks my heart. It seems there’s nothing I can do alone but, maybe if we join together, we can lift her up.

She’s well over 200 years old but way too young to die. Her name is “America”, and I love her.

People, we truly do need to pray really hard for our Country…and for each other. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

God Bless America. I copied and pasted this from another because I do love America and believe we should all pray for our country, the U.S.A!



AMEN brother @leo23 we shall join with you in praying for our country. Especially that we get some real leadership.


Pray…all things through God. However best guess is he already has his plan started…




Love thy neighbor.
Blessed are the peacemakers.
His will be done.
The 3 most important things to remember. Then every other throuble will take care of itself.


been praying for years now… but we all need to remember…

the “BOSS” has a plan in place… and we can NOT change it…

so lately also been asking for the will and ability to deal with whatever is coming…

with the understanding it’s all in HIS hands…

BUT I do still ask for his care for our nation all the same…

I sure miss the nation I grew up in…


Prayers from the Wilson house :house:


Yes indeed, prayers daily for our nation. And @OldDude49 said it well.


Happy Easter! The tomb is empty. He is risin. Hell, death and the grave are defeated. Thank you Lord Jesus.


On my daily prayer list, every day ,all day :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: many brothers and Sisters gave all. Those prayer are for them to


I was just talking about the days in school with my friend, we went to the same school. we were discussing how during hunting season we would go before and after school, we would just leave our guns in our trucks. if we got something we’d just bring it with us to show the teachers. :+1:


I’ve also asked for strength and courage. Regular prayers for us as well. Above all are thanking him for my blessings, as I am blessed, truly.


sometimes we forget just how blessed we are… and IMHO we have all done that…

and at times when we suddenly realize all the blessing we have… it can be overwhelming…

it is often best to look at the good… and not dwell on the bad…


Johnnyq60 your text on the USCCA community has came to my email address over fifty times the one you sent to Leo,23 You know the member you said you were praying for. I do Not understand why I have hundreds more of emails from every one from the USCCA its like a sick game why are they doing this to me I bought a wick stick to download all ten thousand emails that I have got I read them on the committee that word and I AM going to give it to some one that will figure out what they are doing to me Sorry for this problem for every one that has sent me a email from the USCCA and did not even know that they are being used to play a game with very serious people Bobby Jean. Sorry to bother you brother :broken_heart::us::chile::100:

Arnie-W I tried to wish the community happy Easter an they told me I have sheared enough love for three hundred like’s and they said that I had to wait 24, hours before I could say anything to the community and it was Passover and I have been getting emails from the community from so many members and the same email over and over and it is the same thing that members are saying in an on the community. They are having A lot of fun playing games with the only email that I have they are sick with the games that they are playing. And they have LEAVEL 4/5/6. In order to be doing this to me It’s going to Back Fire I Pray that they have not miss used what I say to the community and send people emails of what I have said on the community to our members because all this trash has made me have to take my iPhone to att and see what is wrong with them Bobby Jean :feather::feather::100::broken_heart:

Happy Birthday brother @leo23


GOD BLESS YOU TO BE SURE Bobby Jean :feather::feather::chile::latin_cross:

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Happy Birtday @leo23 . I hope you have a great day troop!


Many prayers for protection confidence Faith & strength to carry on each second of the day. With God All Things are Possible. :heart:


Thank you for that I NEEDED THAT THE LORD KNOWS PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL :owl::feather::feather::chile: