Practice Real life scenerios outside

Awesome! I founds some local groups!!
Thanks John! I appreciate it :grinning:

I’m not sure about Arizona… I’m guessing it’s easier than here in Illinois… but real time scenarios are mostly handled during “private lessons”. Talk with your local Instructors, hopefully they have a group of people ready for such exercises.

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I am starting that up here in Washington State. I am calling our group the Tom Sawyer Shooting team. We are going to start with basic gun training and start working on advancing our skills and work into scenarios. I have about 15 people lined up so far.


Sounds interesting. What part of WA are you in? I am down near the central OR Coast. Not too bad a drive for an overnighter.

Maple Valley, South East of Seattle towards Mount Rainier.

You are a ways up there! I have cousins in the Battleground area but they are still a good ways south of you (near WA-OR Border just north of Portland. I am down in the Corvallis OR area.

Look for a gun range that offers training. We have one here in the Florida panhandle that does. It offers advanced Concealed Carry classes that teach how to deal with scenarios that one may encounter. It offers memberships but also offers range time to non-members for a fee.
The local law enforcement and the military use them because their range is large and pretty much offers everything. Look up Southern Tactical Range in Holt, Fl.

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Try to get into IDPA competitive shooting they do scenario based shooted stages.


Thanks Zavier, great suggestion! But there are no clubs in my state… looking for local involvement, comradery and frequent training.

Thanks Jerzy sure will do!

Wow, that sounds fun Todd30!
I have a travel van and would love to travel up for a week for some training when comes the warmer weather. Count me in please!
And thank you!

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