Potential gun licensing legislaton and online forums

I understand that… but thinking like this will end up with theory that EVERY organization is sharing their Customers’ information… which is not true.
I know, nothing is secure anymore … even NSA couldn’t keep their secret… but no legitimate Company will voluntarily share that info.

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I understand… I hope that remains true with this agency.

I have long ago assumed what you have suggested, I do not publish anything about my guns on line anywhere. I will discuss guns but I do not state what I have. I consider this only common sense. Have you been out of the country for an extended period? The government, and others, can scan ANY internet correspondence using AI at any time. I expect they watch all gun related sites on an ongoing basis.

If the dems stack the SC, whatever they want will be constitutional! That’s why they stack the court.


The government will not kick in doors. They will pay the local law enforcement agencies to do it, a high dollar value for each gun found. They will pay for them with our tax money. The city officials will drool at the influx of free money. If it added millions to your city coffers would your city say no?


A while back, I became more careful on what I post. In our various forums, even the USCCA and their moderators posted that our words are discoverable by a court of law, such as if we ever had to “use” our firearm in defense. It made me think, yes, this is a form of social media. Appreciate the reminders, but also, it seems to make for a more enjoyable forum community experience, where I can learn a lot.

Any Web crawler can find our words here. These forums are public. I was able to read this thread in another browser that has never logged into this community.