Posts are being neglected and ignored.?

Have you enjoyed a post?
Did you appreciate the subject posted?
Did you learn something valuable from a post?

Then why have you not liked the post?
There are many good posts that I have read and hundreds of comments and only three likes on the subject. I know that I do not rant and rave about pointless subjects and I appreciate everybody’s response on the subject.
If there is a subject posted that you like, then like it and let the person posting the subject know that the post posted was worth their time and appreciated.

Good subjects that are covered and information gathered will only make this community stronger and more knowledge shared will make you and others a more responsible gun owners.

So push the like button on any subject you respond to and those you just like. Spread the love!


I have thought the same thing, 20 people read the article and only 3 likes. :thinking:


It also can relay the idea that a post is worth reading too!


OK-OK got it :rofl:


One of the guilty. :point_left: (shaking finger)
Thats why I have many more likes given then received, and I have received a lot. :astonished:


at least that yellow hand I can understand
this one :thinking: unless you look at it close it looks your flying the bird :grin:


It shows my intelligent brow and hand on chin, denoting even more intelligence. :wink:


A cowboy sat and watched a dog chase its tail for 15 minutes, he said that was a stupid dog and questioned his self if he was any better because he sat there and watched.


I usually hit like if it makes me smile or laugh, or if it makes me take pause and think. A well worth reading article, and good responses to the article. Training advice, ammo,holster etc. And mostly just to let you know that I read your post, and agree. Sometimes I wish that I could like a post more than once.


Profile stats say I have given 6,100 likes.

yeah, that’s not enough


I have caught myself doing it too! I thought about some posts I have done that were heavily responded to and only 3 Likes on the subject. Then I checked around and I was not alone.
9.7k likes given


You need your posts to be highly controversial and debatable. They will turn into a Jerry Springer episode. :wink:


I liked the OP and every reply on this thread. :smiling_face:


My stats~ 12.2k given
1.2k received


I didn’t know these stats are available:
20K given, 15K received. :+1:t4::+1:t4:


451,476 given, 5 received, 1 on layaway, 6 CoD, 2 IOU


I don’t think of it as a “like” button. I think of it as a :+1: thumbs up/life as opposed to a :-1: thumbs down/death.


Since @Karacal posted his. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll admit to being inconsistent on my likes. It appears I have given over 7k of them. I have even liked more than a few posts that I didn’t really agree with but thought that the arguments were well stated. But I know there were a lot more posts that I did appreciate but failed to hit the like button on. I’m often stealing snippets of free time to read what is going on here and am quickly reading through to keep up on the discussion and can forget to hit that button. I also don’t press like on some of the posts if I agree with 95% of what was in there but strongly disagree with one small point in it. I don’t want my endorsement to be taken out of context.

Probably the place I most forget to leave a like is when I am responding to a post. I hit the respond button and don’t think to go back and hit the like. But in that case my response should be taken as proof that I was impacted by the post enough to want to take the time to respond. Which for me usually takes a lot of time;)

By the same token I want my likes to really mean something. Either that I really like what you said or as a friendly acknowledging to a response to my posts when I have nothing further to add. So I don’t feel the need to hit like on every post I see and may agree with. And while I may sometimes wonder why very few people like a post I made I don’t hold a grudge for not getting likes. There are some studies out there about how much kids are being messed up by social media. Likes and follows can end up being a little bit like crack for the ego. We like being appreciated and having our thoughts and ideas agreed with. But it is important not to draw all our feelings of self worth from the recognition others provide.

So I’d say give likes if you like but don’t feel pressured into having to like things. And don’t equate the number of likes our posts may or may not get to the actual value they provide to the forum. Every post liked or unliked has the ability to make people think. And I wouldn’t want this forum to turn into a Facebook or TikTok style popularity contest of who can get the most likes. Sometimes the most unliked posts can have the most positive impacts.


After that post I’m going to be taking my 5 likes back leaving you with zero;)