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I wouldn’t,

First it invites thieves wanting to liberate your handgun.
Second, spent brass is full of lead styphenate(sp?) you don’t want in your 'hood.
Third, it looks messy----there is a reason you police your brass at the range.

Take up hand loading instead! :+1:

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Am I the only one that read that as using “bras” as landscaping accent…?

I thought this thread was going in a whole other direction and at risk of being censored.

Apparently my head is just in the gutter…standard…carry on. :grin:


Thanks. Now I’m hearing brass bras in my head.


I dunno about throwing brass on the rocks but I have considered using brass to accent custom poured pavers.



I’ve seen brass casings, used as furniture and banister accents. A friend even asked me for some empty .357 mag casing to make valve stem caps.