Military replacing brass cases?

Anyone on here been involved in this?

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Maybe some of you reloaders know what percentage of total weight in a cartridge the brass case is. Just curious how much weight reduction is really available?

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@Gary_H A LOT. Especially in 5.56. Case weighs 97gr the boolet is either a 55 or 62gr and the powder is nominally 25gr. So more than half the weight of the cartridge is brass & primer. Brass weight was the driving factor for both the 30-06 to 308 and then 308 to 5.56 changes as well as a host of other factors. The question will be in the details; case volume vs pressure, possible change in powder to create the correct pressure and long term storage. I’m sure the boys and girls at Aberdeen and Crane are having fun with it. :sunglasses:




Just my opinion… It might be a better solution to revisit the design of the bullet and it’s components (and even the barrel) from the ground up, instead of modifying the traditional design to accept alternative materials.


Not involved as I retired in 2014. I am rather excited about the concept though. If it is reliable, lighter ammo is a great thing for our Troops. The advantages will be great to our logisticians as well. The natural crossover to civilian use is also to be anticipated.


I’d be interested in the ideas you are entertaining. Where I could see the sea change of design would be when EM "rail guns’ come about or something along the lines of a flechette thrower. but in all things wouldn’t we want everything simpler than current art? At least for the ground pounder?