Poll: Do you recycle your brass?

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is April 22nd. We’ve changed our daily lives to include less plastic, more reusable items, and recycling is the new normal.

One of the many things we can recycle is our ammo brass after we shoot.

Do you recycle your brass?

  • Yes, I reload personally
  • Yes, I give it to friends who reload
  • Yes, the range where I shoot recycles it
  • No, but I want to learn how to reload!
  • Other, please share below

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If you do reload, what tips do you have for those looking to start reloading their own ammo?

I’ve been policing my brass and filling used whiskey bottles for book ends in my gun room.

Maybe one day I’ll reload


I reload because I enjoy it.

We live in the country, there is no recycling service out here.


I’m with @Fizbin–I do it because I like it.
You should start reloading for a lot of reasons. More accurate rifle rounds. Inexpensive pistol rounds. Less reliance on anyone for ammo.


I save my brass. I haven’t done anything with it, yet, but I have it.


My club recycles (sells it to a recycler) it and puts the proceeds in the Junior fund and since I am the assistant coach, I support this!


I have a friend of mine who is trying to get me to learn how to reload ammo. It would make it much cheaper to go to the range, however I have heard horror stories about reloaded ammo so I choose to use factory new. I may consider learning it though just to have something to do during the shutdowns that possibly could be enjoyable.

I collect my brass where possible, there is a good bit of my ammo that is not reloadable. On unofficial ranges my brass is always picked up plus more.

Dont presently reload but I have given away brass to those who do or have other projects. I need to ha e m.j myself a designated casing storage system but right now, the few times I’ve gone out, it’s not places I can pick it up from. Need a brass catcher for the Beowulf, not going to let that stuff go even at an official range…


I have reloaded in the past. Had a multi station auto reloader for years for 40 and 45 ammo, but sold it about 15 years ago.

Realized that I didn’t like having my face directly above a loaded primer and a bottle of powder while it was being pressed into the shell, which sometimes went in sideways if I wasn’t paying attention. Ugh.

The marginal cost savings over buying bulk or new on-sale ammo just wasn’t enough to keep me doing it.

I shoot at a free BLM area range and pick up my brass (and a bunch of others’) to help keep the place clean and open, but just put it in the recycle bin at home when done.

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I have reloaded for 40+ years. I can tailor my rifle loads to match the rifle, and get the most accuracy out of it. It is also quite a bit cheaper than buying factory match loads. For my pistol shooting it allows me to shoot far more for the same price as buying it. How much depends on the current prices for buying factory ammo. I reload about 10k of pistol a year, and a few thousand rifle. I stopped doing the shotgun since it was cheaper to just buy it in bulk. I do reload my slugs (a couple hundred a year) though, as that is cheaper and tailored to my needs.

I also reload because it is anxiety therapy. High stress job etc… I can pop down to the reloading bench for 10 minutes and it does wonders.


When I get time to build a reloading bench, I intend to start reloading. I do save my brass. I even save the 22 brass. The recycling center will buy any “yellow” brass. A ziploc bag of empty shell casings will usually buy another box of Mini Mags.


I police all my brass at the range, All the extra brass on the floor is mine also.
It helps to keep the range clean and I want all the brass I can get.
I have been reloading for 10 years and highly enjoy it. Better accuracy from
my weapons and much less than buying factory ammo. Then there is always
the green side, helping the enviroment and such. Now that I am getting involved
in distance shooting with a 308 it will be nice to build loads that the rifle will
like to shoot. :boom:


Made a big mistake a month or two ago, we sold a bunch of scrap, alum, and lots of brass (the mrs got a new desk for her office from the brass sale). We are now continuing saving our brass, and have stumbled into more brass deals. We have purchased the equipment to begin reloading. The ammo shortage? Again unbelievable. High prices? Unbelievable. We have about 1000 rounds to get started with. Train more, shoot more…reload more…crazy world!


Brass is currently $.74 pound. I have no idea how many 40 shell cases are in a pound.

I recycle everything possible, brass included. Right now, my 9mm brass is being used to upcycle push pins for the bulletin board- they happen to fit beautifully in the spent casing and make the plastic pin look much better. Recently thought I may try my hand at a piece or two of some bullet jewelry, but haven’t yet.


Been reloading for 30+ years (did I really say I’m that old? ) so I save all my brass and acquire more as needed if a new platform comes along. I don’t think I can calculate how much money I saved over the years doing something that has never been not fun for me. Hand gun ammo is easy and my precision rifle stuff would cost between $3 - 12 a round. That said component prices are a bit up there now but nothing like loaded ammo (if you can find it).



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Same here… I usually try to pick up my brass, especially at the outdoor range. I have a lot of it, but haven’t done anything with it yet.
At the indoor range that I have gone to, you are supposed to sweep up your brass and discard them in their bin.

I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask or if it is outside of the community standards, it is not my intention to do that so with caution, I have a question:
I purchased bullets and I have collected brass for my .223 (1000rds), I had a guy that was going to reload for me but before he got started, he sold his equipment. I have not wanted to get into reloading (no time to do it) but now I’m stuck with brass and bullets and am in need of someone to help. My question to the community, is there anyone here, in the Utah area that has knowledge of reloading or does it that could help me.
If this is out of bounds, I apologize to USCCA. I’m just in need of some help. Thanks