Picking up expended brass

I guess I am lazy. I am tired of picking up my brass. Do any of you know of a manufacturer that makes an attachment for a semiauto PISTOL that will catch the brass before it falls to the ground/floor? Sure would save time and save one’s back.

I lay a tarp out, it makes collecting brass a heck of a lot easier. And the only way when there is snow on the ground !!!


My automatic pickup machine is GREAT! But they are hard to get, my is named “Grandson”.

When he’s not around I just do it.

At Gunsite they had this kind of ball thing with soft rubber type tenticals that stuck out from it. The brass would get wedged into the rolly ball thing when they pushed it around. That’s the technical terminology , :slight_smile:


Painters cotton tarps are cheap and the hot brass doesn’t melt holes in them like a regular tarp. No good solution for indoor shooting which is one of the reasons I don’t do it.



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When in the desert shooting I make it a point to pick up all of my brass and most of the time others brass, which I trade to other reloaders which in turn saves me and them a lot of money because the most costly part of a round is the brass, not to say that I do find other things out there like Cash, lost canteens and one time a bipod. But they do make a brass catcher it kind of a square fish net with attaching large wire bracket that is suppose to hook on you gun but try as I may I could not get it to not interfere with the slide, so it’s in the drawer with all the other good ideas but not practical items.

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I have a brass catcher that fits on my hand. And it does catch most of the brass. And what it doesn’t catch falls at my feet. I got it on Amazon. And they have a lot of them as well. and of all types too. They have some that are set up on a tri-pod with a net to catch the brass. and they also have the type that you roll over the brass on the ground and it picks it up. Maybe check Amazon out. Just do a search for brass catchers and a bunch will come up. I also got one for my AR-15. And it attaches to the gun with Veil-crow.

yup grand kids are the best for picking up brass mine charges me to do it the cost getting able to shoot too


I’ve wanted to develope a brass magnet for years. Hasn’t been very successful. any ideas? :joy:

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In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.” :laughing:


Depending on where you need to pick it up from, what about a little shop vac?


I just got one of these and it works great. Did some shooting with 9mm and 10mm and picked up the spent casings with ease !

Note, my range is grass which I keep mowed real short. I suspect if your range is gravel you’d be picking up a lot of rocks.

Haven’t tried it on .223 or any other rifle cartridges. You soon need to have the “wires” perpendicular to the case so you have to roll it back-n-forth and around a bit but it sure beats being on your hands and knees.

I figure I need the exercise to keep Dunlaps Disease in check (That’s when your stomach dunlaps over your belt! :rofl:)