Brass Picker Upper

Okay, so I bought this Caldwell brass casing picker upper thing and it sucks. It might work if you were picking brass up off concrete but picking it up from a mix sand, dirt, and rocks and all it does is smash brass into the ground.

Is there anything better?

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I have these. I keep a grabber in the house and on in the truck.
The grabber is very dexterous for reaching behind or under something.
The grabber thing has been around for ever. You won’t have to bend over anymore.

I find bending over and using my hands works great and I’m 76 years old.

I’d bet when you read the instructions for the device it will say something like: use on concrete, flat surfaces.


I think he didn’t finish the vid because she punched him. :rofl:


As @Barry54 notoced… kids. That will be the less expensive option. :grinning:

My Local indoor Range is using this one:

It works great on concrete, but I have never seen it in action outdoor. Can we trust the video on their website? :thinking:

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I meet a woman this dumb once and had to dump her within minutes.

I was selling pork and encountered one that didn’t understand price per pound. “Why don’t you just write the price per package?” Well not every package of pork chops weighs the same…

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Haha, one day. Range day is kind of a getaway for dad too.


Like telling a new sailor to bring you a bucket of steam.

Wow. All the safety gear on except eye protection!

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Back when I was in the service, we called them “privates.”


It’s funny how even in a community like this people have to be dicks. I have back problems and for instance the other day I shot about 700 rounds spread between 50 yard line and the 3 yard line. So yes, I would like to make this easier on my back.

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It is a bit expensive, but have you looked into this concept? Correction: Didn’t see the same item posted above.

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It’s definitely overpriced…
Check 9 posts up… :point_up_2: