Have You Built an AR Lower

My kids and boyfriend gave me an awesome Christmas gift - an AR kit. I had to choose my stripped lower. (The one in stock is not one I’d suggest getting as it as the Punisher logo on it, but I love the Punisher and I don’t plan on using my AR for anything but putting holes in paper.)

One of my sons and I spent a couple of hours putting together the AR on the 27th. Let’s just say I had a few choice words for all of the springs and little pegs.

Have you built an AR? What was the most difficult part for you?

Here’s the maiden trip to the range for my AR:


Here is a general idea of all of the little parts that go into the lower:



Yes I got a kit and built it using video from Ar15.com it was easy but didn’t try to build upper bought a complete one from PSA. Have fun!


I think what we all want to know is. After you finished it, did it try to sneak off all by its self to “boogaloo” without you or was it like mine and @TexasEskimo AR’s and just sat there in it’s safe?


This detent tool on the right for the pivot pin is your best friend. I also keep a few of the whoops kits that has parts that might take flight or springs that could break in the fcg.

The roll pin that goes into the bolt catch I heard from some is tricky. I’ve found no problem installing or removing it with a punch set aside from marking/removing the anodized finished. Easy touch up.

The rest of my lowers are Aero M4E1s and a Juggernaut JT15 that have a threaded pin that a hex key wrench easily installs/removes it in seconds.

The trigger fcg was fun the first time, after that it’s no problem. I also give a light mist/spritz of silicone on the detent channels in the pivot pin, fire selector, and rear retaining pin to work it in.

Enjoy, I suspect you’ll be getting a few more now that you’ve gotten the bug.

If it’s a 5.56 caliber, check out the cmmg .22lr conversion kit so you can plink with .22lr.


It did just sit there until we got to the range. Then it bit my finger nail off :rofl: as I pulled back the charging handle. Oops. :grin:

And it definitely won’t shoot with the safety on. I may have been a little excited to shoot it and forgot to turn the safety off before my first attempted shot. :innocent:


:thinking: That would have been helpful! I did launch the detent pin a number of times trying to figure out how to slide in the pivot pin. We used a punch to hold the detent pin down and slid the pivot pin in. (Think Indiana Jones swapping out of the bag of sand for the skull.) It took a bit, but we got it to work.

I’ll be picking up a detent tool the next time I build an AR… Which may be soon because I love my first one!

I hope I got all of the terminology right! Please let me know if I confused the terms!


Darned defective AR’s perhaps a class action lawsuit against the MSM for raising my expectations that my
AR-15 would fire heat seeking 20 mm rounds at 3000 rps and I could easily sustain 10 seconds of full auto fire. I was expecting a fully autonomous, weapon of war. Just doesn’t seem fair, to raise my expectations like that and my AR just sits in it’s cradle in my safe.:rofl::joy::crazy_face:

On a serious note, very nice work. Looks and sounds like you had fun with it. Are you going to try and do some more custom work like that?


I’ve sent the front pivot detent and spring clear across the room and have found it every time until I bought this tool.

Indiana Jones analogy is spot on as well as speaking to what parts are which.


Any recommendations on foregrip brand/style?


My recommendation is to buy a cheap vertical foregrip, cheap angled foregrip and a finger stop. Go cheap to figure out what feels right for you first, then buy a better quality so as not to worry about defects.


Here is a great article about vertical foregrip that will help with selecting one and the reason why you would want to select one. Just What is the Use of the Vertical Foregrip? - Everyday Marksman


Great job @Dawn!! I have built many of them, plus the uppers as well. Recently my gal wanted a 3 gun rifle of her own. She purchased all the parts (actually she had won a lot of the parts already), and under my eye built her own rifle (upper and lower from parts). Big smile!!

A few specific tools help, particularly for that front detent pin and spring! Yes, I have fired a few off myself. :smiley:


Congratulations! You are ahead of me. :+1:

I have mine assembled, but not getting it to the range until tomorrow.


Built my first AR about 7 or 8 years ago… The hardest part? Making my hubby keep his hands off it while I was building … he SOOOO wanted to help. I finally made him sit on his hands. On the other side of the room. :laughing:

MY build! You No Touchy! Just talk me through it. Use your words, man, use your words!!

:joy: :rofl:
I thought he’d burst into flames before I got done. :joy:

And then… I didn’t love it. :confused:
Sold it.
Getting ready to build a new one. decided I needed a theme. Here it is (but will not be this color):


Same place she got hers @Zee. She had it cerakoted along with some other parts so they matched.


That’s my plan too… getting the parts together, gonna have them done at one time so they match :smiley:How does she like it? happy with the quality and function?


Yes try what works for you.

I’ve settled on Magpul vertical grips, I run MLOK and MOE grips on my MLOK handguards.

I have tried the tube shaped Daniel Defense and don’t really like them.

I’ve also tried the Magpul angled fore grip and don’t really like those either.

I place mine about just about 7 inches out from the magwell, for me this works well as I can still vary my support hand position as needed.


@James -never heard of this site until today. Thank you! Ran across another interesting article on “Everyday Marksman” that paralleled my AR builds over the last 20+ years: DMR. How to build the best bang-for-the-buck AR platform in preparation for the ZA-my worst case scenario. One thing so wonderful about the Armalite platform is its versatility. On a humorous note: AR v. AK.


Nice referral cousin @James :slight_smile: