Post Bruen court cases in CA

Anybody else in CA following all the major 2A cases? On the one hand, I can’t wait to read what Saint Judge Benitez has to say in his rulings. I know he’ll rule in our favor and I love reading his decisions. But then there’s the 9th Circuit to follow. Will they actually follow the guidelines handed down by SCOTUS or will they continue to do their own thing and prolong the fight? We’ve got some pretty big cases about to break.

“Assault weapons” ban:

Magazine capacity limits:

Ammo background checks:

And the ever shrinking handgun roster:

Get ready to watch Newsom’s face turn red with steam coming out of his collar…


My guess would be “prolong”, I dno’t think they will go with SCOTUS.

But my vote is about as useful as my March Madness bracket sooooo lol


That’s the tough part. Trump and McConnell pushed through a lot of judges in four years, which would now give us about a 50/50 chance of getting a pro-2A panel of judges for any given case. But three of these cases have already been to the 9th Circuit and I think they go back to the same panel of judges after Benitez is finished. The handgun roster case is new so it has a better chance when it reaches the 9th Circuit.


In the meantime, the pro2A community gets to spend their own money on lawyers and appeals in hopes that unelected, unaccountable judges will rule in their favor while anti2A folks (mostly politicians) draw from an unlimited legal warchest of taxpayer dollars defending the laws they enact.


Step 1 is completed on the handgun roster case. But the judge failed to also throw out the bogus drop test requirement. Bonta will obviously appeal to the 9th Circuit within the 14 days they have to do so. It’ll be interesting to see which three judges we get and if they decide to stay the injunction or release the shackles.

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