Possible human trafficking?

This just solidifies the need for constant situational awareness. There have been at least 4 incidents like this here in our town that we know of in the past couple days. It always sucks to hear about these things around the world but hits home a bit different when it is where you live and where one of your children works.

These have appeared at 3 different stores here in Gillette, WY. From what I have been told, they involve women shopping alone with children. A couple of the incidents involved a creepy man following and watching the women in the stores. When they left the stores, they all found markings on their vehicles similar to the pictures. From what we have heard, the vehicles are marked with “C’s and M’s” with a number. We believe they signify the number of moms and children. Unfortunately, Im not an expert in these things and can only speculate, but it is very suspicious.

Please, please watch everything around you, especially when shopping with children. Looks like my daughter and I will be doing some extra training this weekend.


Out here on the other coast they are using zip ties on the door handles. Probably a Tik Tok thing

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Possibly Tik Tok but I both highly doubt it and will not shrug it off as such, other people shouldn’t either.


Thanks for looking out. I will keep an eye out.


I think that is a good idea Robert, we should ALL be on the look out.
My Jag got a “STAR” mark on the windscreen (Drivers side bottom corner to the
Bonnet) right next to the ‘VIN#’. Once again a ‘Duh’ moment for me I guess, I thought it might be the dealership marking…
WAKE THE PHUCK UP DONALD! and everybody else!
My car is parked in a large Parking lot by a Supermarket right next to my shop where I work.(otherwise locked up tight
in my Garage). Looked like it was done w/ ‘White out’ . I took it off right after noticing it when I brought
her home (as well as ALL dealer markings–Plate, dealer ad sticker etc) Only things left are Jag original emblems. They don’t pay me to display their shop it’s gone.

FEMA EAS (Emergency Alert System check) tomorrow Brother’s, Afternoon sometime depending on your time zone. May be nothing, Keep a clear eye tomorrow (and every day)
If it involves FEMA…lets just say I don’t trust them for $hit.
I may be Paranoid, But am I Paranoid enough? :face_with_monocle:



So far when I’ve looked into these things, the correlation was a myth.

But I’d want to know why the hell I had markings put on my car, I’d take them off, and I’d review my dash cameras as well as home cameras (though I park in a garage) and be more like condition orange than yellow for awhile probably by default


This is the first I have heard of this but I will be on the look out


Yeah, there will be a 7+ earthquake in a populated area. Maybe San Francisco can get the big flush it been needing for years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FALSE ALARM Brothers and Sisters,
I contacted my Dealership and inquired
about the ‘Mark’ and they said ‘YEP!’
our Detailer does that to show it’s been
completed…the only sad news to report
is I had to spend (2) days re-doing his work.
Jet Black is REALLY difficult to get right though so
I am not too upset with him. Limited time each car, dozens of cars.
With all that happening I give him a solid ‘B’ in detailing.
So nobody’s marked this ‘OFWG’ for Sexual exploitation…yet…
I just have to try harder!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I hope it is something that simple. Still, doesnt hurt to be extra aware.


Truth Brother Shawn,

I don’t think ANYBODY in History was ever Killed by being too aware! :yum:
I’d rather be an alarmist and be WRONG! than be a Blu-$hitty Mayor and be Pearl Harbored!

Just please be extra careful Tomorrow (around 14:20 Mountain time) when this FEMA EAS check happens.
Could be a whole lotta nuthin’. But just ask Kevin McCarthy how fast fortunes can turn on a dime…I hear he needs a job all of a sudden, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.