POLL: BUG revolver or micro?

Do you recommend having a BUG (back up gun) on you whenever you legally can?

  • Yes
  • No

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What type/size bug do you suggest for those looking to start carrying a BUG?

  • Small Revolver
  • Regular revolver
  • Micro
  • Subcompact
  • Compact
  • Whatever is comfortable to you

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Please share your thoughts below.

I can’t take the survey, because the correct answer is “Rifle” and you stow it in your vehicle. :smile:


I really can’t answer yes or no, as an instructor I don’t recommend either way.
I don’t see the necessity for it if your EDC is well maintained and has proven to be reliable.
But, I don’t tell students, no don’t carry a BUG. It’s a personal preference.

So if the question were, “Do you carry a BUG whenever legally possible?” My answer to that would be no.


Hard to answer…and these answers shouldn’t be taken as recommendation.
Carrying BUG is just personal preference, not Instructors or teacher advice.

My answer is NO, the same reason as @Fizbin’s

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Don’t see the point of it all the time. When revolvers were king some folks cared 2 or 3 as it. was quicker than reloading. Now a days have a car weapon & a carry weapon mostly.

I carry 2 semi autos everyday, for the simple fact of my main decides to identify as a paperweight, then I have a backup. Some call me paranoid, to be honest I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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Sometimes I carry a backup for my backup which is also my backup of my backup for my primary.

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I’m with @Jerzy and @Fizbin. I don’t “recommend” it. I don’t carry a backup gun. But I’m not against it. Which leads to the second question, whatever they are comfortable with. I would say this, if someone was inclined to carry a backup, I would carry in the same caliber.

Wild, highly unlikely scenario time. Your primary has a catastrophic malfunction. Rack, tap, ain’t fixing it. Your forced to your secondary. Your pinned down, empty mags for the secondary, full mags from your primary. Reload your secondary, with the primary guns Ammo. Yes, I know how far fetched this scenario is!


What do you do if your backup to your backup to your primary fails? :smile:

Throw that HiPoint at them. It’ll be more effective that way.
:grin: I couldn’t resist.


While panning your hands say, “these are not the droids you’re searching for”.


Personal preference, I don’t carry a BUG, for 2 reasons. #1, I shoot and maintain my EDC often. #2, I carry pepper spray and a tactical knife. In my mind things get pretty busy adding another gun to the equation. Plus, I’ve always viewed pepper spray as my first option, my gun as a last-resort.

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2 of my backups are revolvers…

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