Why or why not a revolver for primary edc?

Nobody cares but you.

Because a 44 Magnum over penetrates but, it is good for someone hiding behind a wall or car!


I prefer revolvers. Simplicity. Reliability. Versatility (357/38). Stainless is a bit heavy, but preferred over lighter weight versions. Snub nose is good for carry, but requires practice.

I don’t EDC. But when I do carry, it is a Smith & Wesson Model 60.



This is what I carry in the summer at times…


Because I cannot hit damn thing at 20 feet with it. :triumph:


I’ve done quite a bit of practice with the S & W 38 spec +P and can keep 5 rounds in a 7 inch circle at 21 feet. Again, a load of practice.
No matter what you EDC always keep practicing.


I have nothing against revolvers, in fact they are very reliable. The only negative thing would be the lack of rounds you can carry and they reload slower. I did carry a revolver as a backup in my time in Law Enforcement.


Some of my clients are only comfortable with revolvers. They have had other instructors refuse to work with them. My thoughts are that I will work with anyone with what they choose to work with or carry.

Some folks are stretched on budget. Or, they are older and all they have known are revolvers. It’s better to have something for an EDC than nothing at all.

Stay safe out there.


I have shot revolvers since I was a teen and still have 2, and still shoot them and carry occasionally.
I just feel I have better tools. :us:


I typically carrier a Kimber EVO SP but occasionally carry a Ruger LCR. Mrs. R likes the LCR because she can carry it in her purse, holstered of course. AND since it’s hammerless she can fire it from inside of her purse without too much concern about stuff binding up the action.

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Limited ammo capacity, thick frame even in small variants (cylinder). They can have issues despite people’s die hard belief in their reliability. Maintaining a striker fired gun is a simpler task. Smaller carry revolvers are harder to shoot and less accurate.

Pros: you can shoot a revolver even if the barrel is obstructed. This means they are a decent gun if someone is on top
you, and it can be fired concealed in a coat pocket which I think is cool (also means you are prolly carrying a gun without the trigger
Covered in your pocket too :sweat_smile:.

I wouldn’t have any problem carrying a revolver, I simply think the striker fired guns are a superior tool. They’re really cool guns and fun to shoot for sure! I think an LCR would make for a great errand run when wearing sweats.


Not a fan of a revolver cause of capacity and reloading, nor for concealment.

Do not tell Jerry Miculek that!


Thinking of getting a Taurus 605 or something hammerless when 357 becomes more available. Only have one thought about this, is there a holster that will stay in a winter coat pocket? I’ll still carry a 1911 or other large semiauto but like this idea.


For the power to weight/size ratio, a revolver can’t be beat. As long as you can handle it. The manual of arms is less involved.

And the cons
Capacity vs size. When a revolver does malfunction, it is often a trip to a gunsmith. No rack, tap, bang. Heavy trigger pulls. Overall weight.

As with any other firearm, there are pros and cons. Which is right for you, becomes the question.


I have a 44mag, 357mag, 38 & a 22 revolver. I would & have carried the 38. It’s small and suprisingly light. It just doesn’t hold enough rounds for my liking. The 44mag & 357mag are too powerful for safety as far as over penetration & the 22 isn’t powerful enough.