Police officers shot this year

What a tragic state of affairs this is.


It’s so outrageous that violent crimes are so skyrocketing across our country. CRIMINALS RUINING AND DISRUPTING OUR WAY OF LIFE! Home burglaries, bank robberies, car jackings, senseless shootings, everything under the sun that CRIMINALS can think of ARE DOING IT, and with NO REMOARSE, and ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER.


Agreed, we are living in an odd world these days. Criminals released with no bail, only to commit before court appearance. Released due to covid to only offend again. Laws and policies pushed by those that hope to buy votes. Police being targeted because of media twisting facts and an entitled feeling by some. This is why USCCA is growing and this forum is as well. Everyone here knows why. Now help change it.


When the left promotes not taking responsibility for one’s actions but blame everyone else, this is what we get.


It started more than 50 years ago with LBJ and the welfare state. Welfare begets welfare moms. Welfare moms beget thugs. Thugs knock up young girls and shoot cops. The cycle will continue because officials do not have the courage to put an end to giving money to able-bodied people. There are families where nobody has had a job in 5 or 6 generations. The problem will get worse.


This should be qualified that most have not died, but there are more INNOCENT people (not the george floyds of the world) that continue to be KILLED at much higher rates because the police shoot out of fear instead of actions.