Police Officers in the line of duty

So, with the two recent officer involved shooting incidents so prominent in the news cycle. I was wondering. And maybe this has been asked and answered before. But, I have not seen it.
If an officer is a USCCA member and shoots a perp in the line of duty. Is he able to and does he get the legal backing and representation from his being a member the same as if he were a private citizen to aid his defense if he is charged?

If he is acting in his official capacity as an officer of the law. No. Off-duty and acting as a private citizen . Maybe, but also depends on how your municipality defines an officer as to when an officer is off duty so would need to talk to your department about status.

Coverage still applies to minor children.

Pretty sure I got that right, but let’s see if we can get @Dawn to drop by.

BTW @DAVID250 if you are a Law Enforcement Officer.
Thank you for your service especially in these trying times. I know it may seem like the public does not care but know that many of us appreciate the job that our law enforcement officers are doing across the country.

The fact that LEO’s are showing up while a perverted MSM tries to make LE the Villains. Makes LEO’s heroes on my eyes.

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When on duty, the officer acts as an agent of the government (city, county, state) and should be defended by the same.

Except when said government offers said officer as a human sacrifice to the masses in order to save the skins of elected officials.


Well said! :clap: Well said! :clap:

I am not LE. I have several friends who are. So, I was just wondering if they would have to relay on the same city, county, state that threw them under the bus to help in their defense. Their union and a good attorney will help.

@Ouade5. That’s what I wondered. If the city throws him to wolves. He isn’t going to get any backing from them.

There are programs like USCCA for LEOs. Texas has a program called “Texas Law and Shield” it was originally made for LEOs and then they opened the platform to Conceal Carry folk. Not sure of other states though.

. (USCCA is better from what I’ve researched which is why I’m here :rofl::joy:)

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