Police Officer vs hatchet during traffic stop

Even this is a news, I want to keep it under Self Defense category.
We have been seeing and hearing tons of stories about LEOs being attacked. But this one is something we can learn a good lesson from.
It happened few miles from my house and it was something new in this area.
Anyway, simple traffic stop, the time when LEO usually pays his attention to the driver, but in this case he was taken by surprise by third person, not involved in initial incident.

Few thoughts that applies to self defense:

  1. always look around and expect unexpected
  2. always know when to close and when to extend distance to/from attacker.
  3. shoot until the thread is stopped… even you have no idea how many rounds you have already shot.

Interesting observation - in most of self defense shootings - people don’t remember how many rounds they shot, which brings a reload skills to the attention.

Kudos to the Officer for handling this situation in prefect style.
I’m wondering what was in the driver’s mind (the one’s who was originally stopped) during those minutes of shooting and arresting. :grimacing:


That was wild. I’m glad he was able to realize what was going on before it was too late for him.


Surely something we can learn from.
First thing that came to mind was create distance and separation from the attacker.
Glad the officer did not end up a casualty. Too many of them this week.


Definitely a situation which provides a number of lessons. Among the lessons are to always be situationally aware of what’s going on, the need to create distance, and the quick reaction time which may be needed in an attack situation.


Clearly we need more hatchet control laws.


I wonder if the the turds will say the cop was trigger happy. Hmmm
Looks like there’s one less turd.
PS: would have been better if the policeman to the axe away from him and did some brain surgery.


Don’t feel too bad for the cop ; this is what he did One hour ago.

And what is that supposed to depict? Although one chick has her arms up the cop doesn’t have his weapon drawn and it doesn’t appear that he is acting aggressively from the single shot. The chick with her arms in the air may be acting sarcastically. They may have been drinking beer in a prohibited area and the chick is expressing her scorn for such an ordinance. If they were, in fact, doing something like that, and someone complained the cop has a duty to investigate.

I am the first one to jump on police malfeasance and violation of the law by police officers, however, from the picture posted, all I can say is “So What?” If all you have is this picture, I would say you have zilch about anything except a cop on the beach with two very scantily clad young females. I can think of all kinds of racy ideas about what is going on but won’t post them as I assume this is a family website.


Further, with figures such as they present plus the ratty tats, uncommon sense would dictate that more cover up would be less offensive to the eye. It’s now called uncommon sense because it appears so rare in present day America. I recently saw a pair of trousers in a bag marked, “Remove plastic bag before wearing.” That says a lot.


Thanks for that delightful image. But seriously, better, really? Please, explain how that would have been better.

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It would have sent a message; what you give is what you get. That turd sure wasn’t going to have a nice chat with the policeman you think. Because some policeman make bad mistakes is no reason for law enforcement not to do their job and protect themself for fear of being sued. The streets are now the Wild West and must be taken back. I understand my views are extreme and I have a very strong instinct to
fight first talk latter once someone crosses the line, that’s why I could never be a LEO. I support and respect law enforcement for the dirty jobs
they do for the law Abiding citizens ( they will protect us if we let them ).
Thats my opinion ; you don’t have to like it nor do I have to like yours but we should respect each other’s opinions.
PS: this is only the tip of the iceberg in that the entire system is failing every day.

  • why are repeat offender not in jail.
  • why are youthful offenders getting away with murder.
  • our turd government spends billions on R & D but does nothing to stop children from being systematically murdered.
  • why does my tax keep going up so town employees can have a better retirement but the streets look like a artillery impact area.
  • why is the police force understaffed.

delete delete delete delete.
PSS: cop on beach was meant to be a lol.


Does anyone want to refute my past, “Expect the UNexpected” post? This society is FULL of madmen that believe they’re bullet-proof, with no sense of their own mortality. Case closed - call Perry Mason.


I got the humor @Blacky :slight_smile:

And empathize with the point I believe you were trying to make in your previous post. It would be nice to see violent criminals treated like the bad guys they are and police and law abiding citizens treated like the good guys. At least until they individually prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they aren’t actually good guys. Then they should get treated like the criminals they actually are.

We seem to be living in a world where everyone’s preferred alternative reality trumps actual reality.


Thanks; I didn’t get this way overnight. I’m more than old enough to see
A few people ( not to mention government ) mess up everything up.
To keep it short I’m a mess with the situation because it doesn’t have to be this way. This stuff gets me very amped up.


The “Hatchet” man had a passenger in his car. Wonder who and what they were thinking when the driver did what he did.
Good instincts on the LEO and glad he didn’t get hurt.
So irritating how people think they just do whatever the he*ll comes to mind…




This officer was prepared but everyone needs to realize it only takes one time of not being prepared for a terrible outcome.


Does anybody noticed, why the Officer got better chance to prepare himself?
Look closely at 1:58 of the video. There were 3 extra seconds that allowed the Officer to turn and react faster.
I’m wondering how the situation would differ if the driver wouldn’t forget put his car on PARK at the first time…


He would have gotten shot at closer range?


or the hatched would land on Officer’s arm… or head… or chest?? :face_with_diagonal_mouth: