Police checking gun cabinets are important

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I PMed with “Stephen116” quite a bit. Something was absolutely not right. I volleyed a few times but gave up.


Did you call him by his real name, “Mr. ATF Guy”?

Told ya so…


What kind of incompetents cant store their weapons safely, inaccessible to criminals and small children?!

LOL, bet $5 the Humvee is already parked in the garage of some cartel boss South of the border.

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All it takes is 1 HMMWV lesson and a pair of bolt cutters.
The hard part is being inconspicuous on the highway.

That reminds me, Clyde Barker stole some of the automatic weapons they used in their crimes from a military armory, too. I believe the answer the Left is seeking is, if even military bases are not secure, then we mere peons surely are not worthy of firearms and clearly, along with that, is our Natural Right to self-defense, as other “more civilized” countries have outlawed.


The problem with that, based on our generosity and willingness to fight for other countries rights there are no, “more civilized” countries than the U.S.

There may be ones that think they are civilized but when the fertilizer hits the air conditioner they are no where to be found.

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Which is why I had it in quotes. However, the Leftists in our country believe that other “First World” countries are more civilized than us. If they traveled, they would learn the truth.


Please list where you are getting the data listing your discussion point about the countries, gun accidents and homicides to back up your discussion.

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He has shown a fervent unwillingness to continue his participation in this thread he started.


I respect and admire your passion about self-defense, reducing gun related accidents and fatalities, lessening vilification, and setting examples/teaching.

You bring to light that we think about ways to honor those important points. With the current shortages within our industry and uncertain times, we are acutely aware of risks to our rights. For many of us, your proposal defeats the purpose of having it loaded within our homes.


  • Would be very costly economically
  • I may not change behavioral habits (be ineffective)

Pro’s (on a lighter note)?

  • It would get me to tidy up
  • It would get me to relocate/move :grinning:

Unfortunately he cannot speak for himself anymore…


I wonder if they were able to find out who he really was or where he was really from (ATF?).

Whoever he was, asking such questions was not a crime… I’m wondering when did he repeatedly violated Community Guidelines… :thinking:
Perhaps I’ve missed something,…

Numerous times on other threads, which led to him and a couple of others also getting banned.


Something was definitely not right. As I mentioned, I tried to have an intelligent conversation with him on PM, but it was dreadful. Is there a way to share that conversation with the moderators, just in case?

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@Brad - you can flag your own private conversation to alert the moderators.


You rock. Thank you.