Registered guns, gifted guns, guns in my possession

I was at the gun store/ gun range when they got a call from a person who was pulled over and the police did a check on his gun. It was not registered to him yet and he said the police were holding onto his gun until he can prove it is his!
Now, for a guy who was handed down guns from my dad and brother and have no idea who they are registered to, Do I really have to prove that they are mine? Do I really have to go in a register them?
In the meanwhile, thugs break into a shop and steal items later got pulled over to the cops recovering the items ended up letting the thugs go!


Check your State laws and procedures. I do know that for example, Michigan still has copies of Pistol Sales Records (RI-060) going to the Michigan State Police. And what are they doing with those? They are still compiling a database of who owns what handguns in that State.

Now, whether or not the local PD is using the LEIN system or NCIC to do a specific query on a specific firearm? I can’t answer that. But, if my memory serves me correctly, a terminal operator can query a specific firearm serial number and that can come back as stolen or not. But, I do not recall whether that query would return with specific name and address of the owner from ATF/FBI records. Perhaps someone here who is still on the job can answer that question.

As a LEIN/NCIC terminal operator qualified person years and years ago, I never ran a firearm through a query on the system myself.

Stay safe


Check you local Laws.
You may not need to register your firearm, but you need to have any transaction record.
Yeah… I know the problem starts when you were given a firearm… but even that it’s a good idea to have any document that says this.
Illinois is good with this. Even the FOID cards are non constitutional… these make everything easier. :neutral_face:


I know North Carolina you don’t have to register but I’m kind of in your situation or your buddies brother they took three of mine and I’m having a hard time


What state?


Move to Texas…no local registration (yet)…


:crazy_face: Washington State