Police checking gun cabinets are important

I believe police checking gun cabinets is a civic duty and trust needs to be built between the gun owner and the police. Also you do get to keep your firearms for self defence and loaded guns. Just have the police check it over.

The bullets can even be in the gun but they need to be in a gun safe.

I’m a second amendment supporter.

I believe this is a way to protect gun accidents and should be recognized that self defence would not be violated.

Too many people leave their guns unlocked and loaded, where kids can get to them, even under the kitchen sink.

Permission would have to be granted.

From Quora.

U.K. firearm inspections

How often are firearms police inspections for firearms owners in the UK?

Any change to your license is likely to be a visit. So any variation on a firearms license, a new application for firearms or shotgun certificate, moving home or addition of an explosives license will merit a visit. They will nearly always visit, nowadays anyway, for certificate(s) renewal.

The process is very simple, they will ring or write and arrange an appointment. They then visit and ask you to open your storage for them to inspect. Serial number will be checked and all guns removed from the cabinet to make sure their paperwork matched your inventory. Shotgun ammunition might get inspected for storage conditions. Firearms ammunition is very likely to be checked for storage conditions AND quantities held. Explosives will be checked for quantities and storage.

Overall, if you do your paperwork correctly then the Police will love you. If it’s a bit disorganised, they will accept that’s human. If you don’t do the paperwork then you are possibly going to get warned or even have your certificate(s) revoked. What truly annoys them is if you think you know better. If they turn up and you are storing blackpowder with the cleaning chemicals under the kitchen sink or have a box of shotgun cartridges on the windowsill, it is unlikely that you will keep that certificate.

And it gives people peace of mind, that it is stored safely.

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How often would this check occur? Yearly? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? Just once?

Does the firearm owner need to be present?

Are you notified ahead of the inspection or is it a “surprise”?

Did you know that they do this in NYC?


My saftey and my families safety is my responsibility, I do not want an agency of the government “checking” anything.

911 is an augment force not an immediate response force.

If people want this so be it I respect others decisions, however this is worded as if it should be a requirement. If that is the intent then I strongly but respectfully disagree with the idea.

I’ll add an edit. I hope this thread doesn’t go sideways and stays on topic. We can disagree and remain civil (even with the current events)


Every five years.

Yes, firearms owner has to be present.

Notified ahead of the inspection

What has caused you to think about this subject? Could you tell us how or why this has entered your mind?

I am not being a smart alec, I am interested in your reasoning on the matter.


Do they also check to see if the food in my fridge is expired or that all of the all of the chemicals in my cleaning closet are properly labeled… or maybe the knives in my kitchen are too sharp or pointy

Why is it any of their business where and how I keep my legal personal property


Countries that require firearms to be locked up and inspected tend to not have gun accidents and homicides in the home.

If can show other countries that guns in the home for self defence in the home and not vilified, we can teach them.

All I ask is for police inspections, not taking away guns for self defence

I was about to comment along the same lines, but mention anatomy not an appliance.
An adult wants authorities to check on his private property and say words of approval. I get it, no reason to feel ashamed about these feelings.

So what are they inspecting?
1.) serial numbers
2.) functionality
3.) whether or not they need to be cleaned
4.) after market changes
5.) ammo capacity
6.) where and how they are stored
7.) what types of ammo

And how would any of this make any difference in safety. If you don’t know how to operate and store your personal property why is the government’s responsibility or right to tell you, but if this works there are a lot of drivers who be better served with this infringement or personal liberty


Parkland shooter locked his guns in a cabinet. It is well documented.



1.) serial numbers
2.) functionality
3.) whether or not they need to be cleaned
4.) after market changes
5.) ammo capacity
6.) where and how they are stored
7.) what types of ammo

Terrible analogy, we have free will to follow the God of our choosing. Nobody is forced to follow God. You enter a voluntary agreement with christ when you accept him into your life.


What does that have to do with the police checking firearms once every 5 yrs for saftey?

If someone doesn’t believe in God and hasn’t accepted him into their life what would they be worried about.

If there’s a hell there’s a God and if there’s a God there’s a hell. But that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the government telling people how to secure firearms


To be a little petty the word for making a book is write. Rights are what are what this country is founded on

But when one doesn’t have facts to make one’s point the only thing left is to call names

Goodbye I have better things to do

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I’m not troll

Thanks, Alexander



I wish you were. The alternative is too disturbing to contemplate.

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I’m sorry sir in no way could I agree to this. It’s like people saying yeah you can search my house I have nothing to hide. Sorry if a government official comes to my home to inspect something, anything, they will need a warrant as prescribed by OUR Constitution. I don’t care what other countries do they can decide how their system works. But here in this country they HAVE to obtain a warrant to enter my home. It is absolutely none of their business how I store or what I have or how much I have. There is no negotiation on this. Stay safe all. And stand strong for Our Constitution.


And their warrant better be specific, I know exactly how many rolls of toilet paper I have!