Pocket Dump: Pet safety gadgets?

What gadgets do you have for your pets?

Do your pet gadgets help protect them or your family in any way?


I have a harness that had pockets on the side and a sign that said working dog do not pet. With SAR in Big, bold, letters and supplies written on pocket, we would put water, solar blanket, trail mix, and such in the pockets. So if he found someone who was lost they could get supplies and dog would bark so we could home in on that or on transmitter in collar.

I also have numerous K-9 harnesses. Those pockets are different.

If I ever hit a true EOTWAWKI I would put all of my dogs in their harness, and distribute some items among them. So that I didn’t have any one single failure point

I also have 4 biodegradable pxxp bag dispensers, several dog water/food bottles/bowls for my gear, flashing yellow light for harness and reflective strips.

My dogs are very much a part of my bug in/out scenario.

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Mg Dog packs heat…


My fur babies are good at warming the bed. That’s about it.


And they are hard at work this morning! NOTimage

I use Alexa Guard and talk to my puppy from drop in if I’m out on the road.

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He is ADORABLE! What breed is he?

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She’s a an Australian Cattle Dog, that was a few weeks ago. I’ll add a new pic in a bit.


Here’s a newer pic from Today. They grow so fast.