Pocket Dump: Cooling Gear

There are a lot of cooling gadgets on the market these days: shirts, wraps and even some holsters.

What are your favorite cooling gadgets to keep you safe in extreme heat?


Well, it’s 104 here right now and I just threw my daily 40 rounds down range. It’s nice and shady so I wasn’t that hot.

Gadget: BC Australian CoolBreeze hat.
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper x3 in crushed ice
Stuff: Coppertone SPF 60
Mindset: I could be back in Ohio in January, yuck!

4 station pistol range


Fishing shirts, the ones with the mesh and vents in the back. Moister wicking shirts, Carhartt Force gear works very well. Lemon lime Gatorade.


Light colored clothes (usually white-grey, cream or beige) - long pants and long sleeves. Cooler full of water with lime.

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A straw hat, white long sleeved t-shirt and shorts. If that doesn’t do it, the HVAC system in my house :wink:


I have a neck collar AC I bought at Brookstone but I also keep some break and shake ice packs. I don’t really moderate heat well. Stoopid medical issues.


I just hold the hose sprayer over my head & pull the trigger. Ahhhhhh

The built in bladder on my 5.11 backpack…


What model is that pack? Did it come with the front strap pods?


Bought these separately on Amazon… perfect for four 17 round mags, and a compass.


I no longer have the issue buy when I was a child I used to have heat induced seizures. They just sort of slowed down then went away and my last one was in grade school. The break and shake ice packs are definitely a life savior though. Always keep a few in the car, various med bags, and drawers in the house just in case I get to overheated now. Putting them on the back of neck and under arm pits makes quick work of cooling down.

full shade starts at 11 :smiley:

a former tenant had one of those blowup above ground pools, fit perfect…hmmmmm

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Drinking water, and Mission cooling towels these days, with a good hat.

When I was a UPS driver years ago that delivery car would get 20-30 degrees hotter inside.

It’s made of aluminum which transfers the heat, and the top is fiberglass to act as a sunlight so it bakes in there. I would set up 2 misters, drink plenty of water, and find some shade and ventilate that vehicle.

Salt Life boonie hat, Chill-It polymer neck chiller, vented fishing shirts. My favorite, however, is always a polyester/spandex base-layer shirt. There’s simply nothing like it to wick away moisture.

The keys to my truck, which has really good a/c.

Interesting topic!

One summer I was fencing five acres with tee posts and wire fabric, working by myself in the middle of nowhere. Well aware of the situation I started early, took plenty of water in an ice chest, wore a wide brimmed hat and took scheduled water breaks every 20 minutes.
I still came down with the symptoms of heat stroke including vision loss.
What saved my bacon was the excellent AC in my '96 Chevy ex-forestry service 4x4. Got her started, cranked the AC on high, aimed all the vents at me and lay across the bench seat. After about 45 min in deep contemplative prayer I could see and think well enough to drive and get out of there,

I have had good luck with my Mission cooling gaiter at the range recently. I dampened it and put it in my cooler with cold water bottles and those blue ice pack things. When it got real hot, I put it around my neck and it did a great job.