Plate in Backpack

So I am playing around with the idea of putting a body armor plate in a back pack when I travel with the family.

My problem with this is body armor is a slippery slope of what’s practical and functional.

Most shootings are with handgun calibers. The handgun rated armor is lighter and thinner and easier to carry.

BUT the worst scenarios involve rifle rounds. There is some decently light and flexible rifle armor, BUT then it doesn’t protect against a green tip…

And then if you are going to go out of your way to get armor that protects against green tip… you have no room in your bag.

This may sound silly to some of you, BUT the most recent school shooting has really got my gears turning. I already live by the philosophy of “I am the protector of my family”. My LTC instructor taught us police are really there to write reports after you are attacked. BUT the Uvalde shooting has really emphasized this. Your kid could be stuck in a kill box for extended periods of time.

An armor plate is no guarantee, BUT is it something? If I’m out with wife or one of my children, could I put the bag around them and then they have something?


A good idea, checked here and most were sold out. A sad commentary on our world. :cry:™-level-3a-bulletproof-backpack-armor-insert-11-x-14



My grand kids all have them in their back packs, I guess the idea is for them to run away from the gun and take any contact to back… They know it’s in there and know to run like hell if they can.


That’s awesome. What rating do they have?

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IIIa, I think Max got them at Dicks or Bass Pro Shop or something like that.

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I’ve got a few IIIA plates. They weigh next to nothing and take up very little space, maybe a bit over 1/2" thick. Potential benefit to inconvenience ratio makes them a no-brainer imo.
Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about my kid in school shootings…he wears a ballistic helmet, level 4 armor, and pvs-14, ooorah lol.