Bullet-proof panels for backpacks

As of last year, all of my kids are out of the school system. I will admit, I’m somewhat relieved by that. Reading Beth’s latest blog post already has me thinking about when my grandchildren are in school - what will they carry in their backpacks?

Do you plan on having your kids carry a bulletproof panel in their backpack?

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Hmm. I posted in a different thread about my daughter who will be entering her first year as a second grade teacher in s school district that does not allow guns. It’s a shame as she is gaining more and more confidence with her 9mm. Anyways, I thought about getting her something like this for her own safety. If I were a parent of school age kids, it would be a no brainer. Only effective though if you have warning and time for all the kids to get their backpacks.

My baby boy just invested in III+ armor for himself. But he’s in school after serving 4 with the USMC. He’s getting the free college all the socialist want to give away but it cost him 4 years active and 4 more Ready Reserve and is out with a 60% total body disability. Freedom isn’t free.


Please thank him for his service from all of us who still appreciate the military and what they do for us. God Bless!


I will! Thank you!

I too am thankful for his service a sacrifice.

I don’t have kids of my own but these are what I recommend.

They are lightweight and rated to stop all handgun rounds, and and small bore rifle rounds like the 5.56/762x39 .

Rifle rated plates are going to be substantially higher in cost usually than those rated just for handguns/stab plates so be sure and pay attention to the ratings when buying.

I don’t have kids either but I have this and it’s my edc