Bulletproof backpack?

As Beth Alcazar shared the other day in this blog post Back to School Safety, Part 2: Staying Safe at School | USCCA, there are now bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof inserts for other bags. Would you carry a bulletproof backpack? Why or why not?


Dawn,I have full body armor and also a level 111 armored back pack with a front plate that can be flipped from a pocket in the pack to cover the front of your body also with a level11 plate I dont have any school age children,but bout it for my self in case I need it and the armor fast


This is a really sad day when this is a conversation we hold with our kids! Is this the new dinner talk, Level IIIA NIJ certified body armor for kids back packs?
Not only would I consider bullet proofing my grandkids but I’m seriously considering soft body armor for my wife and myself. A year ago who would have thought that the average Joe would need body armor to go grocery shopping?
School shootings are rather rare however street violence has become the norm. Soon we’ll be driving armored cars! Laugh now but I’m catching up on Mad Max movies!


Most schools are requiring mesh backpacks now days… our town has population of 1800 and even we are following suit… just had to buy all mesh so I guess no bulletproof there.


I’ve been watching a company that makes a bulletproof best proof against up to rifle rounds. Then has a foldout for chest and side panels. If it get good reviews I will get one for wife and daughter.

But it is a crazy world we live when we are talking about armor for our children to go to school.

For humor since this is a depressing topic.


I could see a school administration flipping out over kids coming to school with ballistic backpacks. As @Thomas681 mentioned, some schools are requiring mesh or clear backpacks to prevent hiding weapons. I wonder if they can make clear kevlar?


Mesh backpacks… really!!!

See through underwear and cavity searches next… and even then locks (and restrictions) will only keep honest people honest!!!


My daughters schools have all demanded mesh or see through back pack K-12


Maybe all schools should issue one to every teacher with ammo and a gun.School shooting would probably go away.

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For those with the mesh backpack situation…

I don’t see why they would object to an armored backpack insert? It’s not like you could hide a weapon in it. If just slots into the back of the mesh backpack. Its thinner than any book or notebook the kid is likely to have.

If they do object, there are also bulletproof binders. Here is an example, but I’ve seen others while I was searching across various body armor manufacturers.


I have a IIIA panel in my backpack that I take to work everyday. My wife has one in her backpack that she used to take to grad school.