Body Armor, is it in your inventory, or on the list to get? Tell me about it


Is body armor part of your kit?
We have his and hers. If you own it, you need to train with it. Great advice that I need to follow for myself. Armor is heavy and uncomfortable but can make all the difference when someone is shooting at you, plus those magazine pouches make a great place to rest your arms like a simulated bar top!
Sorry @dawn, no USCCA branding on the plate carriers - yet!


In one state I lived in, it was illegal for anyone other than law enforcement, security, or military people to have body armor, folks may want to check their local laws before they purchase it. I don’t know that I would buy a tactical bullet proof vest for myself, but I am interested in some of the hoodies or jackets I’ve seen that are bullet proof. I just read an article about “The Wonder Hoodie,” but it looks like their website is down. I did find it on another site, but it bothers me the manufacturer’s site isn’t working anymore.

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I have mixed feelings about laws that prohibit body armor, @Shepherd. Why prevent law-abiding people from protecting themselves as much as they’d like to?

On the other hand, if criminals are the ones wearing it, it gives the police a real reason to arrest and charge them…

So I’m on the fence on this one.


@Dawn, I’m in agreement, totally mixed feelings. In states where it is illegal for the average citizen, a police officer could use the fact someone is wearing it as reasonable suspicion to stop them and maybe stop a bad action from happening. On the other hand, if each member of a family had it and someone broke into their home, they’d be that much more protected. If people do live in a location where it is illegal and they want it for protection then I would suggest they work in earnest to change the law so they have it. I was just mentioning that some states do have those laws so that the members here would be cognizant of the laws and not get into trouble if they purchased it.


I worked for a Security company and purchased Level IIIA armor. It is custom made for me from I always wear it Training with new people, and at the rally’s I go to.


In Michigan, Felons are not allowed to own body armor.

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Felons specifically are called out, @Phil-G45? Interesting.


Every state that I looked at, it is illegal to possess body armor if you have any felony convictions.

Here is my source:

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This came up on another thread, reasonable prices:

On the should we be able to own it… coming down on the absolute YES side of that. There is no reason I should be less entitled to physical protection than an officer is.
I can be legally required to wear a seatbelt, or a motorcycle or bike helmet … for my own protection. I can be required to purchase health insurance or motor vehicle insurance even if I don’t want it. Those are at least in part about protecting me against accidents or illnesses that I don’t create myself. Why shouldn’t I be able to choose to wear a bulletproof jacket if I feel that’s best for my own protection? It doesn’t prove that I intend to do anything illegal any more than wearing a seatbelt indicates I intend to drive my car into a crowd of people.


Ill not jump on the soap box and just say
Thank You

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@DBrogue my pleasure :blush:
When I hear people say officers, or any other class of individual, should be allowed to have or use self protection tools and equipment that I, as a law abiding citizen, should not be allowed to use, I hear this quote from Animal Farm;
All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.
My life is not less valuable than an officer’s, or anyone else’s.


I am not a lover of laws that protect me against myself. Being of legal age and sound mind, I should be able to decide if I want to wear a seat belt or helmet. Not that I disagree with them, I disagree with the laws telling me I must for my own protection because some lawmaker is telling me I have to.


Until your mom sees you (a grown adult) riding on a Harley without a helmet - then she gets on your case… personal experience :wink:


Been there done that




I’ve been considering it

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That’s my understanding on Michigan law.

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I actually bought body armor for hunting purposes. Because it is bulky and can be hot, I only wear it (when not hunting) if I know I am going to have to be in a particularly bad area. Although, I must admit that I have sometimes used one panel in the back of one of my motorcycle jackets on rainy days for the added “slide” protection.


May I ask where you purchased it?

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Robert, very nice body armor!!! May I ask where you purchased it, and the cost, if you don’t mind?

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@Jeffrey, I purchased both sets from They are my go-to for Armor related products and I send all of my friends there as well. I have included the order details as they are on the invoice to make it easier to order.
This is a package. The upper set in the picture is $668.10 shipped:

Testudo Gen 2 Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout|Testudo-Gen2-Advanced-Loadout|$646.96
1 x AR500 Armor® Testudo™ Plate Carrier - Gen 2 - Coyote$0.00|TESTUDO2CY

Rifle Magazine Pouch:
1 x HSGI X2R TACO® Modular Magazine Pouch - Coyote$0.00|X2RCY

Rifle/Pistol Magazine Pouch:
2 x HSGI Double Decker TACO® Modular Magazine Pouch - Coyote$0.00|DoubleDeckerCY

Kangaroo Pouch:
1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Kangaroo Mag Pouch - Coyote$11.00|KANGAROOCY

Armor Orientation:
Right Handed

Armor Level:
Level III+ Lightweight
Level III+ LW Armor:
2 x Level III+ Lightweight 10" x 12" ALSC Multi-Curve, Build Up Coat$99.98|3+LW10X12CB

Trauma Pads:
2 x Trauma Pad - 10" x 12"$69.98|TPAD10X12

Side Plates:
6 x 6
6x6 Side Plates:
2 x Level III+ Lightweight 6" x 6" Flat, Base Coat$0.00|3+LW6X6FR

AR500 Armor® Level III Body Armor Hanger|HANGERS|$0.00|

Background on the second set. We traveled to AZ to see family and went to their showroom while we were there. They put a fantastic deal together for me. The plates have cosmetic defects so they won’t sell them at full retail. This is a perk of walking into the showroom. I do not think they are available online.
This is also a package. The lower set pictured is $300 shipped:
Coyote - Warrior DCS Plate Carrier|5060308265995

Level III+ Lightweight 10" x 12" ALSC Multi-Curve, Build Up Coat|3+LW10X12CB|$60.00|Ordered: 2|$120.00|

AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Holster (MCPH)
Accessory Color: Coyote|HOLSTERCY|$2.00|Ordered: 1
AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Pouch (MCPMP)

Accessory Color
Coyote|PISTOLCY|$1.00|Ordered: 1
AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Pouch (MCRMP)

Accessory Color
Coyote|ARMAGCY|$1.00|Ordered: 1
HSGI Mag-Net Dump Pouch
Choose your Color
Coyote|Mag-NetDumpPouchCY|$26.00|Ordered: 1

For the plate carrier, I prefer the Testudo and my wife prefers the DCS. The pouches on the Testudo are High Speed Gear Incorporated (HSGI) which can be purchased from AR500 Armor or or other places like Amazon

Getting the correct configuration for you personally is tricky. Figuring out what you need to carry and where you carry it on the plate carrier is all trial and error and largely personal preference.
I recommend talking to the guys at AR500 Armor, they will point you in the correct direction and not just try to sell you things. If you buy just the plate carrier and armor, then you can buy pouches and side plates, etc as you get a feel for what you want.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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