Bulletproof Everyone jacket, is it worth the expense?


I’m thinking about saving up for a jacket from bulletproofeveryone.com. Does anyone here know if it will be an investment in personal safety or, pretty much just tossing my hard earned money out the window?


Me personally have no idea.

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Depends on the Armored used and the rating for it… I have a armored kit, my side plates with stop a 30.06 at point blank range… my front and back with take Armore Piercing (AP) 30.06… So anyone shooting at me with a .06 I’m good… but at the same time my plates a balt coated for shrapnel coming off from the bullets. I live in a densely populated area, where alot of people secretly wanna be rambo… but if you live out in the country, could probably get away with front and back rifle plates that are steel with a life expectancy of 20 yrs… probably be a better trade for your dollars…

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Thank you for your quick response. You make an excellent point about the plates. In the case of this jacket that I am looking at, what drew my curiosity is the fact that it’s a bullet resistant jacket that I could wear to the movie theatre, grocery store or, anywhere else without looking like a Rambo wanabe.

I’m not that concerned about people with high power rifles in my day to day like. For example, when I am at my friend’s place the most likely problem I may have is some punk with a high point.

Here’s the video that got me interested and, it’s the same jacket I would be looking to get.

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The screen capture they use for the video is slightly terrifying! Seeing someone aim a gun at their abdomen … left me at a loss for words.

If you’re looking for something a little more universal, I know a few people here have the plate that you can put in a bag. This is not an endorsement or me saying you should get one, just here for your information.

@KevinM did discuss it in an episode of Into the Fray https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/bulletproof-on-a-budget/


@Dawn, in the video he actually pulls out a 9mm with a +P round in it and, shoot himself in the abdomen and, shows the bruising after.

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The mom in me is cringing!! I get the concept, but dang, it just sounds like a dumb thing to do! Get Mythbusters to test it out or use their testing methodology. I’m guessing the company has already tested it a ton before they’d make a video like that.

Still… :flushed:


I’m just thinking that if he had that much faith in the product it may be a product worth looking into.

Me, on the other hand, would never display that level of faith in anything.


I think it’s always wise to invest in body armor! I have a few vests; competition invests, outdoor invest with my group when we go out and vest I wear indoor at the range. I have vest for my kids and my wife. My wife has 10x8 front/rear with 6x9 sides and all my vests are 11.5x14 front/rear and 6x9 on my sides. All level III ballistics manufactured by AR-500 Company. You can find cheaper vests also recommend adding soft panels for the plates before installing your armor in your vest(s). I’m fitness martial artist freak, often go on 5-10 mile runs and normally wear my vest with armor to add extra weight. :wink: I hope this gives you some more clarity.


I’m not looking at this as an end all beat all body armor, just some extra piece of mind during my everyday life. Something that is inslconspiculas while at the mall, the gas station or, wherever I go on a daily basis and, look good doing it.


A vest with plates and, other high levels of protection are nice to have but, this is something that I would actually wear on date night.


Maybe the USCCA needs to offer these types of apparel? Or partner with a retailer for them… hmmm… I’ll mention that to our team here.


That would be amazing! Hopefully if that works out it will before I have the money saved and, the jacket ordered.


I’ve looked into body armor a bit myself for the day when I get it and I know that they have concealable vests that you wear underneath a shirt and if you have enough layers (I’d think that maybe 2 should be enough) no body would know the difference? Just my two cents though it’s a relatively new subject for me and haven’t looked into it much.


Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. I realize that most, if not all of them would be cheaper but, I will be saving up for this jacket. The reason I am going with this route is that it is rated to stop up to 44mag or, 12ga slug and, does not require extra layers to be discreet or, cause me to look extremely paranoid about attacks while ordering a burger.

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Ok my problem is that it’s made of 100% kevlar… Kevlar is great for alot of things… but heat and humidity then frezzing cold deteriorate kevlar… and it usually has a shelf life of maybe 5 years… so your realistically looking at something like a 3 year life span on that jacket… you would be better off buying plates and sewing them into a mid weight jacket… for that price you could probably make two… I understand their thought pattern and appreciate that they want armor to be available to everyone… but for one my kit cost 250 said and done… for two if you get plates and sew them in, the plates are steel so you have a 20 year guarantee of not buying them again unless you get shot enough times in them… but I would rig your own kind of jacket before buying that thing… sorry man, just trying to be honest as possible… being limited on funds myself… i wouldnt sink any money into that… if they sent me one id test it out on a manican to see what it would handle, but that’s about it…


Interesting point about how Kevlar reacts to the environment, Tankrachet86. I’ll have to do some reading as I never thought about the effects of the cold/heat. We get some pretty extreme temperatures in Wisconsin. Friday we’re supposed to be at -14 and in summer we can get over 100.

:heart: the weather in Wisconsin! :wink:


I say if you can afford it and it will give you peace of mind, that you go for it. A few years ago I bought 2 NRA Level IIIA panels that I had intended to use just for my backpacks. But I also ended up buying a plate carrier so that I could use them together for turkey hunting and other trips into the woods. Sure, they are not rifle rated (I do intend to get a couple of rifle plates (Level IV) but for the just over $200 I have invested, at least I do have some protection.

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I’m right next door and will be with you through it… but yes it’s worth looking at.


Overall I would say if you want armor but want to keep it low key,get a under shirt carrier and a set of metal plates… it will run you about 160-200 probably… but wear a t shirt that’s a little bit and it won’t be really noticable…